AWS CIS Benchmarks

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Ensure Compliance with AWS CIS Benchmarks

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) Benchmarks provide global standards for internet security and are recognized for global standards and best practices for securing IT systems and data against security attack. The CIS Benchmarks are developed through a consensus process and are generally viewed as unbiased.




  • Continuous Compliance

    Out-of-the-box validations to run against your cloud infrastructure and check for compliance.

  • Assurance of Security

    Configurations are verified for compliance prior to deployment to ensure that only those that adhere to AWS CIS Benchmarks are deployed.

  • Automated Remediation

    All unauthorized changes will revert back to a previously known-good state within minutes.

  • Audit Reporting

    Easily show that you are enforcing and adhering to AWS CIS Benchmarks.

AWS CIS Benchmarks Reporting Features

Fugue’s compliance dashboard enables organizations to view and manage CIS Benchmarks compliance. The dashboard shows which resources are compliant and which are non-compliant. Users can sort by compliance rule, resource type, and resource. With Fugue, you can easily assess the state of your infrastructure compliance.

AWS CIS Benchmarks

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