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Our team is showcasing Fugue's cloud operating system at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit in Santa Clara today, July 13. Come by booth 420 to talk with our representatives and get a firsthand look at how we can help you radically simplify cloud infrastructure complexity.


Last month, at the AWS Public Sector Summit in Washington, D.C., Fugue CEO Josh Stella spoke on immutable infrastructure to a packed house—standing room only—in a joint session on cloud-native DevOps with AWS Senior Solutions Architect, Alex Corley.


Josh shared our view that the cloud actually functions as a global meta-computer and that Fugue has been specifically designed to be a robust operating system for it. You program infrastructure with the declarative simplicity and functional power of Ludwig, our new language to meet the new paradigm. Then, Fugue's kernel-like engine, the Fugue Conductor, creates, enforces, and optimizes your resources, automatically and continuously. Employing immutable patterns, where it makes sense for customers, is part of Fugue's DNA. Josh delved into the precepts of immutable infrastructure, explaining its utility in achieving predictability, scalability, and reliability for business applications on modern infrastructure. Companies growing more sophisticated with cloud are migrating to immutable patterns and will continue to do so.


Check out the video below from the D.C. Summit as Josh discusses moving from immutable infrastructure's difficult, artisanal approaches that leave you grappling with a myriad of tools and scripts to a comprehensive systems approach with Fugue—where you can scale from your most basic proof of concept to the largest and most complex applications you'll create:


Interested in learning more? Be sure to download a free copy of our O’Reilly book, Immutable Infrastructure: Considerations for the Cloud and Distributed Systems.


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