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    Testing Migration: Shifting from Manual to Automatic

    Erez Semaria

    Testing is the process of executing a program or system with the intent of finding errors. — Glenford Myers, The Art of Software Testing, 1979 Testing is any activity aimed at evaluating an attribute of a program or system. Testing is the measurement of software quality. — Bill Hetzel, The Complete Guide to Software Testing, 1983 Testing is a concurrent life cycle process of engineering, using and maintaining testware in order to measure and improve the quality of the software being tested. — R. Craig and S. Jaskiel, Systematic Software Testing, 2002 Here at Fugue, we’re building a system that automates and enforces the operation of your cloud infrastructure. It’s powerful, resilient, and easy to use. Under the hood, this system is made up of a collection of services...

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