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Enterprises operating at scale on clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS) need assurance that their cloud infrastructure always adheres to compliance policy and never drifts. But unlike the datacenter, today’s cloud environments are API-driven and highly dynamic. When change is the only constant, enforcing continuous compliance is a major challenge. Failure here can result in costly fines, or worse—a critical data breach.


We’re thrilled to introduce Fugue, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution purpose-built to meet this challenge with policy-driven cloud infrastructure enforcement. Fugue offers security, compliance, and infrastructure teams with self-healing cloud infrastructure that detects compliance and security violations and ensures that they never happen again.






Identifying Cloud Infrastructure Compliance Violations

Fugue scans cloud environments to discover cloud infrastructure resources and identify compliance violations for a number of policy frameworks including AWS CIS Benchmarks, NIST 800-53 Rev. 4, GDPR, HIPAA, and custom customer-specified controls. Reports itemize each violation by cloud resource, enabling infrastructure and security teams to establish known-good configuration baselines.


Enforcing Infrastructure Baselines for Continuous Compliance

Once known-good infrastructure baselines are established and provisioned, Fugue monitors cloud environments to detect resource configuration that drifts from the baseline and established policy frameworks. Users can choose to remediate drift events back to the provisioned baseline automatically, or manually on a case-by-case basis.


Eliminating False Positives, Alert Fatigue, and Human Error

Fugue represents a radical shift from how cloud security and compliance is typically done. By eliminating the false positives, alert fatigue, and human error that can plague infrastructure and security teams attempting to manage cloud infrastructure compliance and misconfiguration, Fugue enables them to efficiently focus on getting it right up front. It then takes care of making sure it stays that way—automatically.



Compatible with Your Provisioning Tools

Fugue is compatible with any tool or interface you use to provision and update cloud infrastructure, including AWS CloudFormation, Terraform, or even your cloud provider’s console. Fugue understands what’s running and lets you know if anything drifts from your provisioned baseline that violates policy. It’s up to you if you want Fugue to remediate drift events automatically, manually, or simply alert you.


Compliance Visibility in 15 Minutes

Getting up and running with Fugue is fast. By the time you return with a cup of coffee you’ll have a complete report of compliance violations in your cloud environment—down to each individual cloud resource. Fugue is designed for enterprises operating at scale, so it provides visibility and enforcement across multiple cloud accounts.


Getting Started

You can register for early access to Fugue here. Fugue will be available soon under a 10-day free trial.


To schedule an evaluation of your cloud compliance and security needs, email Fugue’s Solutions Architect team at






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