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    Practical Recursion Schemes at PragPub

    Drew Wright

    Jared Tobin is one of our consultants at—he's a programmer and researcher based out of Auckland, New Zealand. Jared's article in this month's issue of PragPub, The Pragmatic Bookshelf's magazine affiliation, is a helpful read if you're interested in functional programming and Haskell in particular. Check out "Practical Recursion Schemes" here. Recursion schemes are simple, composable combinators that automate traversing nested data structures. They are a powerful abstraction that can be implemented in any language with first-class functions. Jared explores various schemes and their applications using Haskell, but the lessons here can be applied in Clojure or any true functional language. The article details a number of recursion scheme examples. One of them is a...

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    Why We're Porting To Python 3

    Drew Wright

    Here at Luminal, work on a major component of Fugue began in Python 2.7. For this component, we had some early deadlines and a lot of architecture to figure out and prove, so for implementation, we went with what was familiar. We think this was the right decision. However, after we met our deadlines, we took some time to reconsider our platform decision before committing to the existing code base. We knew Python was the right choice, but we had lingering doubts about our decision to continue avoiding Python 3. Upon a closer look, we found that things had changed drastically since the last time we'd seriously considered this question, and the scale was no longer decidedly tipped against Python 3. We ultimately made the decision to port to it. In this post, we'll go over some of the key...

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