Cloud Asset and Inventory Management

Fight shadow IT and preserve CMDB accuracy by tracking cloud assets automatically

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Most organizations wrestle with knowing what is in their cloud environments, especially because it is so easy to create and modify cloud infrastructure with a few API calls.

Fugue Platform automatically tracks cloud assets and helps organizations to:

  • Prevent the creation of “shadow IT” resources
  • Maintain an accurate Configuration Management Database (CMDB), which is meant to be the single source of truth for your IT environment.
  • Reduce downtime due to troubleshooting complexities.

“Shadow IT creates security and compliance issues and can contribute significantly to unnecessary infrastructure costs.”

Gain an exact picture of what is running in your environment

  • Single source of truth

    Run a single command to produce an authoritative inventory of cloud resources, their configurations, and history changes.

  • Drift detection

    Immediately know when resources are added or have their configurations changed.

  • Baseline enforcement

    Automatically and continuously restore your environment to an approved baseline.

  • Enterprise integration

    Send asset change data to systems such as ServiceNow or others to generate tickets every time a cloud resource is added or modified.

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Identity security and compliance violation and ensure they are never repeated.

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