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Our Commitment to You

Gain a complete, actionable report of your cloud environment in 15 minutes:

  • A dashboard of every compliance violation with detailed remediation guidance
  • An interactive map with drill-down details of your environment and security posture

Bring your cloud into compliance in 8 weeks.

With Fugue FastTrack we’ll turn your assessment into an action plan to get you up and running— and bring your environment into compliance faster. Within 8 weeks, we ensure your success through:

  • Detailed remediation guidance for every violation
  • Support to help you fix any violations 
  • Hands-on training and assistance with the Fugue platform
    For terms, see datasheet.

The Fugue Platform

Fugue secures the entire cloud development lifecycle—from infrastructure as code through the runtime—with the same platform and rules across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.


"Fugue acts as a massive safety net since we can immediately know if something changes, and it can self enforce the configuration. With Fugue, NLT can keep customer data and applications secure in a highly efficient and scalable manner."

Dave Williams, Cloud Architect
New Light Technologies

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Prove Cloud Security and Compliance

Always know the security and compliance posture of everything in your cloud


Build Security into Cloud Development

Find and fix security issues in infrastructure as code and in dev/test accounts


Stay Safe by Eliminating Cloud Misconfiguration

Detect configuration drift and misconfiguration, and safely auto-remediate unapproved changes

Your privacy is important to us and your information will be kept confidential.