PCI DSS Compliance for Cloud Infrastructure

Protect Card Holder Data and Ensure Compliance

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PCI DSS Compliance Made Easier with Fugue

PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) ensure that processes and systems are in place to protect cardholder data against theft in a data breach.



  • Continuous Compliance

    Out-of-the-box validations to run against your cloud infrastructure and check for PCI DSS compliance.

  • Assurance of Security

    Configurations are verified for PCI DSS compliance prior to deployment.
  • Self-Healing Infrastructure

    Drift events can be automatically remediated back to the established baseline
  • Compliance Reporting

    Easily report on your current PCI compliance posture at any point in time.

PCI DSS Reporting Features

Fugue’s compliance dashboard enables organizations to view and manage PCI DSS compliance. The dashboard shows which resources are compliant and which are non-compliant. Users can sort by compliance rule, resource type, and resource. With Fugue, you can easily assess the state of your infrastructure compliance.

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PCI DSS Compliance with Fugue

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