Fugue Brings New Cloud Governance Capabilities to AWS Infrastructure Operations

Fugue platform helps cloud architects and DevOps teams manage cloud infrastructure to control drift, mitigate policy risk and reduce cloud costs

Fugue, Inc. today announced major product enhancements to its cloud infrastructure management platform. With the launch of the Fugue Team Conductor, the company delivers centralized control, advanced governance, and secure collaboration for operating on the cloud at scale. Since its inception, Fugue has focused on giving customers the means to build, enforce, and retire cloud infrastructure automatically and continuously. The new release extends Fugue’s code validation, access control, multi-account management, and continuous policy enforcement capabilities to offer customers an end-to-end, next generation cloud operations solution.

“Every enterprise that scales out its cloud operations runs into the same challenges of managing ever-increasing complexity and ensuring governance, resulting in wasted spending, increased risk, and agility loss,” said Josh Stella, Founder and CEO of Fugue. “Fugue collapses the complexity of managing the cloud at scale and enforcing compliance and security policies at every step of cloud operations. Fugue doesn’t force customers to make tradeoffs between control, speed, and spend.”

With the Fugue Team Conductor, customers can centralize the management of multiple, dynamic cloud environments across many Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts, bringing control and visibility to cloud usage and operations. Fugue runs cloud resources as managed processes, which provides a concise, real-time view of cloud resource topology. This allows customers to avoid inefficiencies such as orphaned infrastructure that can lead to wasteful spending, security vulnerabilities, and time-consuming audits. “Fugue serves as the operational source of truth and trust for the cloud,” Stella explained.

Fugue Product Highlights

Fugue is the industry’s first comprehensive solution that compiles, configures, manages, automates, monitors, and enforces AWS cloud workloads, helping I&O teams quickly and proactively optimize cloud operations to ensure an outstanding end user experience.

  • Mitigate Risk: Customers can use enhanced role-based access controls to regulate the creation and modification of cloud resources so teams can interface securely. Compliance and security rules can be implemented as code (policy-as-code), ensuring that infrastructure changes comply with organizational policies and practices before changes are applied. Change plans can be included in approval processes, and all changes are logged for auditing purposes.
  • Eliminate Configuration Drift: Fugue continuously manages and enforces desired infrastructure state so teams can collaborate on running infrastructure safely without incurring the burdens of managing state locally and the associated risks of deployment failures and application downtimes.
  • Enforce Consistency: Cloud architects and DevOps teams can simplify and share infrastructure compositions, pattern libraries and best practices to ensure consistency across workloads and significantly reduce the time to configure infrastructure.
  • Fast Access to Dev/Test Environments: DevOps teams and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can use Fugue to easily spin up and tear down development, test and staging environments. Making environments quickly available to the right teams eliminates typical wait times that impede IT agility.

Fugue is ideal for customers using AWS who seek the innovation agility that today’s competitive, software-driven environments demand. Fugue is designed to help customers achieve rapid time-to-value and solve some of their most complex challenges of operating the cloud at scale.

Customers can be productive with Fugue in less than an hour. With Fugue, enterprises can increase the speed of innovation delivery, eliminate manual infrastructure maintenance burdens, and ensure that enterprise IT standards are continuously met while delivering the operational success necessary for effective digital transformation. Pricing for a Fugue Team Conductor starts at $15,000 per year. Contact sales@fugue.co to learn more.

About Fugue

Fugue is a cloud infrastructure governance company that eases cloud adoption and simplifies lifecycle management of the Amazon Web Services infrastructure service stack. With Fugue, customers get compiled infrastructure- and policy-as-code, full runtime system enforcement, and cloud operations optimization. Businesses can deliver innovations to market faster with Fugue for competitive advantage in today’s service-driven economy. Fugue has eight patents granted and 16 pending. The company is privately held and headquartered in Maryland, with investments by New Enterprise Associates, Future Fund, Maryland Venture Fund, and Core Capital Partners. To learn more about the company, visit www.fugue.co.

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