Cloud Security - CSPM

Protect Your Critical Cloud Resources

  • Detect

    Cloud misconfiguration and compliance violations
  • Establish

    Infrastructure baselines for drift detection
  • Enforce

    Baselines with codeless auto-remediation

Misconfiguration Identification

Identify potential security risks, such as open S3 buckets or exposed ports, with real-time alerts and reporting.


  • Eliminate misconfigurations with potential security violations
  • Minimize opportunities for bad actors to comprise cloud infrastructure

Baseline Drift Detection

Set cloud resource configurations agreed upon by stakeholders as a baseline "contract" for managing changes and risks.


  • Ensure that DevOps and security teams have a "contract" and shared understanding of what cloud environments should look like
  • Evaluate configuration changes with prior context for the workloads and resources that you care most about
  • Reduce alert fatigue

Baseline Enforcement

Fully protect your critical cloud resources with codeless auto-remediation to correct drift and misconfigurations back to your established baseline.


  • Enforce adherence to enterprise security policies
  • Protect your most sensitive workloads
  • Self-healing = no human intervention
Baseline Enforcement

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