Integrate security into your CI/CD pipelines

  • Programmatic Security

    Fugue's API enables snapshots, reports, and auto-remediation on demand
  • Automate Policy with CI/CD

    Integrate security and compliance checks into CI/CD pipelines
  • Infrastructure-as-Code Validation

    Check Terraform scripts for potential misconfiguration and policy compliance

Programmatic Security

Fugue API and CLI tools enable security automation before and after production deploys


  • Automate policy checks on dev, test, and production infrastructure
  • Customize Fugue functionality to meet enterprise workflows and requirements
  • Send data on compliance, drift, and auto-remediation actions to third-party tools
Programmatic Security

Automate Policy with CI/CD

Integrate security and compliance into CI/CD pipelines before production environments are created


  • Validate dev and test infrastructure against compliance frameworks and security best practices
  • Ensure Security and DevOps are aligned on code, test, and build workflow

Infrastructure-as-Code Validation

Regula, an open source tool maintained by Fugue, validates Terraform infrastructure-as-code for policy compliance


  • Enable security static analysis for Terraform before any resources are deployed
  • Utilize Regula's library of rules, or build custom rules using Open Policy Agent
Infrastructure-as-Code Validation

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