Build a DevSecOps Pipeline with Fugue

Integrate security directly into your CI/CD pipeline to maintain fast development iterations while minimizing your security risks.

Implement Common DevSecOps Best Practices

  • Engineer Training

    Train engineers to ensure they adhere to cloud infrastructure and security best practices.

  • Access Controls

    Restrict permissions and limit access to only the engineers that you deem as qualified.

  • Logging and Monitoring

    Enable mandatory logging and monitoring for maximum visibility.

  • Static Code Analysis

    Use static analysis to detect vulnerabilities and prevent issues before you deploy.

  • Infrastructure Policy Scanning

    Implement scanning of your infrastructure for compliance and policy violations prior to deploying to production.

Support Smart DevSecOps

“As organizations move to the cloud, finding some homogeneity across tools and consolidating systems will prove invaluable in maintaining system security and patch levels over time, especially in a dynamic, DevOps-driven architecture.”

Dave Shackleford, SANS Instructor & Course Author

DevSecOps is an eventuality for most organizations. Whether your enterprise is currently wrestling with this challenge or just stepping into the process, using Fugue to implement this approach makes it easy. With Fugue, you can:

  • Scan infrastructure for compliance and policy violations
  • Ensure logging and monitoring are enabled
  • Monitor and remediate configuration drift

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