Cloud Security & Compliance

Ensure CIS Benchmark, NIST SP 800-53, PCI, HIPAA & GDPR Compliance

Eliminate Cloud Risks

The cloud has required us to rethink compliance and security. Fugue’s automated remediation reverts any policy or security violations back to an original, known state, enforcing continuous compliance and ensuring the security of your cloud infrastructure. Our library of compliance controls for different standards help companies to avoid hefty non-compliant fees.

“49% of organizations cited human error as the main contributor for missing or miscategorizing critical misconfiguration events.”

A Robust Compliance Suite

  • Continuous Compliance

    Out-of-the-box policies for compliance frameworks including PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, NIST SP 800-135, and CIS Benchmark.

  • Security Assurance

    Automated remediation reverts all policy violations back to a known-good state and enforces security and compliance within minutes.

  • Audit Reporting

    Compliance libraries and documentation to show proof of compliance for audits.

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Identify security and compliance violations and ensure they are never repeated.

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