These Support Services Terms and Conditions specify the standard support services provided by Fugue to customers who have executed a Customer Subscription Agreement or similar agreement (the “Agreement) with Fugue for the licensing of Fugue Software. For customers who have not executed an Agreement, the terms below shall not apply and Fugue will provide support as specified in the Fugue End User License Agreement.


1. Support Services Provided


  • Email-, web- and phone-based support for all technical issues related to the use of the Fugue Software
  • Access to the current online product documentation, tutorials and examples
  • Access to all updates (i.e. bug fixes and incremental enhancements to the Fugue Software) and upgrades (i.e. the addition of new features and/or functionality to the Fugue Software)
  • Unlimited access to the Fugue support forums

2. Incident Support


Customers may contact Fugue to provide an error report and request support services via:

3. Terms of Support


Usage & Availability

Customers will be able to submit an unlimited number of support requests per month. There is no limit on the number of users within a Customer organization that can submit a support request.


Response Times

Response Times are measured as the elapsed time between receiving an incident report via email or online ticketing and the time when Fugue assigns a Support Engineer to the Incident in our online ticket system. Confirmation of this assignment will be provided via email.


Severity Level Definition Response
Critical A Critical Severity issue has material to critical impact on a production system, resulting in Customer’s production system being either down, or functioning at a materially reduced capacity or with materially reduced functionality. Fugue will use commercially reasonable efforts to diagnose and to correct a Critical Severity fault within four (4) hours after notification by Customer.
Medium A Medium Severity issue has some business impact on a production system, resulting in some non-material functionality or loss on Customer’s production system. The Services are usable, but do not provide the non-material function in the most convenient or expeditious manner. Fugue will use commercially reasonable efforts to diagnose and to correct a Medium Severity fault within twelve (12) hours after notification by Customer.
Low A Low Severity issue is for non-production questions including general usage questions, issues related to non-production environment(s), or feature/enhancement requests. There is no impact on the quality, performance or functionality on Customer’s production system. Fugue will use commercially reasonable efforts to diagnose and to correct a Low Severity fault within one (1) business day of notification by Customer.