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Fugue helps teams move faster in the cloud—without breaking the rules that keep cloud environments secure. Enterprise organizations and fast-growing startups using the cloud at scale and operating in regulated industries use Fugue to ensure the security and compliance of their cloud environments while they focus on innovating. 

Cloud teams use Fugue to secure the entire cloud development lifecycle—from infrastructure as code through the runtime—with the same platform and rules across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. This removes significant time, cost, and risk from cloud operations, giving companies the confidence to move faster in the cloud. 

And Fugue is the only cloud security company that guarantees rapid time to value and lasting success for our customers: Get a complete and actionable cloud compliance assessment and interactive visual map of your security posture in 15 minutes—and bring your environment into compliance in 8 weeks. 

At the heart of Fugue is a team of incredibly talented people guided by our core principles of creativity, consideration, collaboration, commitment, and customer obsession. Learn more about the 5 Cs of Fugue

Fugue is based in Washington, DC, and Frederick, MD, with team members located around the world. 

How to contact us

Our Team

Josh Stella
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer
David Mitchell
President and Chief Operating Officer
Richard Park_19-09-11_0473-1
Richard Park
Chief Product Officer
Jennifer Troxell
Chief Marketing Officer
Andrew Wright
Co-founder & Chief Evangelist
Curtis Myzie
Vice President of Engineering
Ankush Khurana
Vice President of Customer Success and Solution Architecture
Christopher Suen
Vice President of Product
Tyler Mills
Vice President of Sales & Alliance
Amelia Peklar
Senior Product Manager
Andrew Metcalf
Lead Data Visualization Engineer
Becki Lee
Senior Technical Writer
David Morris
Director, Enterprise Sales
Gil Browdy
Senior Software Engineer
Jason Lynch
Principal Software Engineer
Jennifer Damiani
Accounting Manager
Jennifer Gorski
Senior Designer & Frontend Engineer
Matthew Mols
Managing Principal Software Engineer
Michael Kvetenadze
Sales Development Representative
Ricardo Miguel Ferraz Leal
Senior Software Engineer
Ricardo Green
Senior Solutions Architect
Sivia Van Gundy
Director of Marketing, Events
Wayne Crissman
Director of Security

Fugue Commitment to Open Source

Here at Fugue, we’re big believers in the power of open source for scalable, secure software development and cloud engineering. We are active contributors to projects such as Terraform and Open Policy Agent, and we are members of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Our engineering team maintains a number of open source projects that contribute to the DevOps and cloud security ecosystems:

  • Regula: a tool for securing infrastructure as code, including support for Terraform and CloudFormation. Regula is built on Open Policy Agent and integrates with Conftest and other DevOps tools
  • Fregot: a lightweight set of tools to enhance the Rego (the Open Policy Agent query language) development experience, enabling users to easily evaluate expressions, debug code, test policies, and more
  • Credstash: a tool for managing credentials in the cloud using AWS KMS and DynamoDB
  • Zim: a caching build system for teams using monorepos

Feel free to ping us anytime to chat about our work, and we’re actively looking to hire engineers to join our team!

Where Are We Located?


Fugue Headquarters

47 E. All Saints St.
Frederick, MD 21701


Fugue Office

1800M St. Suite 501N
Washington, DC 20036

Join the Fugue Team

We're in the middle of a generational change in technology from on-premise data centers to cloud computing. As with any emerging technology, security is critical. Organizations will only adopt technologies if they are confident that they are protected against malicious users and data breach risk. 

Fugue Developer

Free Cloud Security for Engineers

  • Visualize your cloud infrastructure
  • Run policy checks and get feedback
  • Detect change and eliminate misconfiguration