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Fugue ensures cloud infrastructure stays in continuous compliance with enterprise security policies. Our solution identifies cloud infrastructure security risks and compliance violations and ensures that they are never repeated. Fugue provides baseline drift detection and automated remediation to eliminate data breaches, and powerful visualization and reporting tools to easily demonstrate compliance.

Fugue automates compliance audits with out-of-the-box frameworks for SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, NIST 800-53, CIS Foundations Benchmarks, CIS Controls, CIS Docker, CSA CCM, PCI, and Fugue Best Practices, and supports custom policies. Fugue works with CI/CD pipelines to ensure compliance and prevent unauthorized change. Customers like SparkPost, AT&T, and SAP NS2 rely on Fugue to protect against cloud risks and enforce compliance.

The company has raised a total of $74MM from investors including New Enterprise Associates, The Maryland Venture Fund, and Core Capital Partners. With offices in Frederick, MD, Washington, DC, and San Jose, our devoted team of more than 30 skilled engineers and talented creative professionals combines decades of experience with fresh vision and relentless quality control to deliver an innovative approach that works, while adhering to our shared cultural principles.

How to contact us

Our Team

Josh Stella Headshot
Josh Stella
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer
David Mitchell
President and Chief Operating Officer
Gus Bessalel Headshot
Gus Bessalel
Chief Financial Officer
Richard Park Headshot
Richard Park
Chief Product Officer
Drew Wright Headshot
Andrew Wright
Co-founder & Vice President of Marketing
Ankush Khurana Headshot
Ankush Khurana
Vice President of Customer Success and Solution Architecture
Curtis Myzie Headshot
Curtis Myzie
Vice President of Engineering
Christopher Suen Headshot
Christopher Suen
Vice President of Product
Amelia Peklar Headshot
Amelia Peklar
Senior Product Manager
Andrew Metcalf Headshot
Andrew Metcalf
Lead Data Visualization Engineer
Becki Lee Headshot
Becki Lee
Senior Technical Writer
Brendan Shields Headshot
Brendan Shields
Inside Sales Representative
David Morris Headshot
David Morris
Director, Enterprise Sales
Eric Bittleman Headshot
Eric Bittleman
Principal Software Engineer
Gil Browdy Headshot
Gil Browdy
Senior Software Engineer
Jarred Hammock Headshot
Jarred Hammock
Sales Development Representative
Jason Lynch Headshot
Jason Lynch
Senior Software Engineer
Jennifer Damiani Headshot
Jennifer Damiani
Accounting Manager
Jennifer Gorski Headshot
Jennifer Gorski
Senior Designer & Frontend Engineer
Matthew Mols Headshot
Matthew Mols
Managing Senior Software Engineer
Michael Kvetenadze Headshot
Michael Kvetenadze
Sales Development Representative
Ricardo Miguel Ferraz Leal Headshot
Ricardo Miguel Ferraz Leal
Senior Software Engineer
Ricardo Green Headshot
Ricardo Green
Senior Solutions Architect
Sivia Van Gundy Headshot
Sivia Van Gundy
Director of Marketing, Events
Wayne Crissman Headshot
Wayne Crissman
Director of Security

Our Advisors

Frank Slootman
ServiceNow & Snowflake

Ben Fathi
Cloudflare & VMware

Dave Merkel
Expel & FireEye

Chad Fowler
Microsoft & Wunderlist

Joe Payne
Code42 & Eloqua

Amena Ali
Airside & VividCortex

Declan Morris
Splunk & Adobe

Steven Murray
Choice Hotels & TrueCar

Our Investors

Where Are We Located?


Fugue Headquarters

47 E. All Saints St.
Frederick, MD 21701


Fugue Office

1800M St. Suite 501N
Washington, DC 20036

Join the Fugue Team

We're in the middle of a generational change in technology from on-premise data centers to cloud computing. As with any emerging technology, security is critical. Organizations will only adopt technologies if they are confident that they are protected against malicious users and data breach risk. 

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  • Detect change and eliminate misconfiguration