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Developer Week 2022-San Francisco

Fugue is pleased to sponsor this all virtual event. Join 8,000 professionals for workshops Conferences and the Expo.

Conference Session

Developer Week 2022: Securing Kubernetes Manifests using Open Policy Agent

In this session, Aidan O'Connor (Senior Solutions Engineer at Fugue) will walk through using OPA and Regula (an open source OPA-based tool purpose built for IaC checks), to find and fix security issues (measured against Center for Internet Security Benchmarks) in your K8s manifests pre-deployment.

Fugue Lunch and Learn

How to Integrate Cloud Security in CI/CD with Gitlab and Fugue

In this session, Aidan O'Connor will focus specifically on performing security checks on Terraform IaC for AWS in Gitlab Pipelines (an integrated CI/CD service built into Gitlab). Aidan will cover using policy as code (Open Policy Agent) and Fugue to automatically check for misconfigurations in Terraform (HCL code and JSON plans), and options for how to handle violations. What Attendees Will Learn Leveraging Fugue’s pre-built cloud security and compliance rules for Terraform security Integrating automated IaC security checks in CI/CD workflows using Gitlab Pipelines Extending cloud security coverage to your AWS, GCP and Azure runtime environment using the same policies Who Should Attend? Cloud Engineers, Security Engineers, Cloud Security Architects, DevOps Engineers, and the office of the CISO.

Fugue Lunch and Learn

Managing Custom Cloud Security Policies with Fugue

In this session, Fugue’s Ricardo Green will walk through how to implement and manage custom cloud policies with Fugue. What Attendees Will Learn: How Fugue uses OPA rules to evaluate IaC Fugue’s basic and advanced custom rule capabilities Managing custom rules in Fugue’s SaaS platform

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