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Lunch and Learn

Getting Multi-Cloud Security Visibility Fast at Red Ventures using Fugue

For this Fugue Lunch & Learn, we invited Alfonso Cabrera (Director of Platform Engineering) and Matt Stegall (Senior Engineer) from Red Ventures to share how they have implemented and leveraged Fugue to manage the security posture of a dynamic, multi-cloud environment. Learn how they onboarded hundreds of their AWS accounts and Google Cloud subscriptions within hours and gained holistic visibility into the security posture of their cloud environments using Fugue. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of how to use Fugue to: -Onboard multiple cloud accounts across providers into Fugue using the Fugue API -Develop and deploy custom security policies to augment turnkey compliance libraries -Operationalize cloud security to improve efficiencies and increase developer velocity


Developer Week Global

Fugue is proud to be a sponsor of Developer Week Global, a virtual event featuring technology innovations and trends that corporations need to know about. Topics will include: DevSecOps, Organizing Dev Teams, DevTech Trends, Microservices, Containers, Kubernetes, and more.

Conference Session

Developer Week Global: Infrastructure as Code for Cloud Security

In this session, Josh Stella, Fugue Co-Founder and CEO will talk about how to establish effective, efficient, and consistent IaC security, which is critical to preventing cloud misconfiguration vulnerabilities from reaching the runtime without slowing teams down. But if teams are using a completely different system and set of policies for checking the runtime for security and compliance, things start to fall apart. He will review: -How to prevent Critical vulnerabilities from slipping through the cracks -How to use policies to govern your cloud environment -Suggestions on how to prioritize and remediate issues

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