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Speaking Session Sonatype Elevate 2021

Josh Stella will be speaking on "Shifting Left with Infrastructure as Code"

In this session, Fugue co-founder and CTO Josh Stella will explore the nature of cloud misconfiguration


Cloud Security Masterclass: Preventing Attacks on Dev and Test Environments

Josh Stella, Fugue’s Co-Founder and CTO will simulate real-world scenarios that hackers use to steal data without ever accessing production. 

You’ll walk away from this session with a clear understanding of:

  • Sensitive data that often exists in dev and test environments, including databases, database snapshots,
  • How easy it is to access these environments, discover resources, and extract data without detection

  • Strategies for securing non-production environments without slowing down cloud engineers and application developers


Fugue and Sonatype Masterclass: Securing Terraform as Infrastructure as Code

In this Cloud Security Masterclass, Josh Stella (CEO of Fugue) and Brian Fox (CTO of Sonatype) will dig into what engineering and security teams need to know about cloud misconfiguration risk and how to “Shift Left” with IaC security checks. 

You’ll walk away from this session with a clear understanding of: 

  • Cloud misconfiguration risk and commonly overlooked issues that often get deployed to production
  • How compliance standards like SOC-2, NIST 800-53, and HIPAA apply to infrastructure as code

  • Effective ways to empower cloud developers to get IaC secure early, and build IaC checks in CI/CD


Speaking Session: CSA Delaware Valley

Josh Stella, Co-Founder and CTO of Fugue is going to simulate two real-world cloud misconfiguration attacks to demonstrate in real-time how these methods work in evading datacenter security approaches and take advantage of common cloud misconfigurations that compliance standards miss. You’ll learn how these hacks go down, and how to spot previously-missed vulnerabilities and determine the blast radius of your cloud security gaps. 

About this Cloud Security Masterclass

  • A one-hour live video session with open chat throughout, and extra time for Q&A following the main session
  • Hands-on demonstrations of real-time cloud exploits using tools such as the AWS Console and Command Line

  • A fun, interactive learning session (no boring powerpoint webinars here!)

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