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Why Fugue

A differentiated proven product, excellent customer reviews with glowing testimonials, and much, much more.

A Solid, Visionary Product

Fugue Competitive Feature Comparison 1.13.22

Excellent G2 Reviews

Learn more about how your peers compare Fugue against leading cloud security vendors across nine categories.

Glowing Testimonials


Fugue has simplified the process of maintaining and demonstrating compliance for our cloud environment, a task that now requires fewer resources and a fraction of the time.”


Everything, starting from the sales to the support and a product that works exactly what was promised..”


I like the way Fugue displays inter-relationships of resources. It has the feel of a graph database display. It makes it easier to understand potential impact.”


Fugue is developer-centric.”


Fugue intuitively understands security posture and compliance for cloud-native workloads.”


Their experience has led to an industry best product for ensuring that your cloud environment is secure and stays that way. Compliance and drift monitoring are critical for anyone running production workloads in the cloud, and Fugue is the absolute best solution to provide those.”


…the Fugue team has been great to work with and committed to our success with the product.”


The company seems very responsive to new ideas and feature requests.”


Immediate value: as soon as you turn it on Fugue will help you secure your environments and save money. You will learn about resources that you likely are unaware of.”


Visibility: There is no easier way to track what has changed in your cloud environments, across multiple vendors.”


When Fugue says your services are or are not compliant with a sec family (e.g. HIPAA, SOC, PCI, etc. ) you can trust their analysis.”


Fugue will work with you if you have needs or ideas that they have not implemented. Also, their development roadmap is inline with what we, cloud security folks, need. And they are aggressive about releasing new features.”


It is apparent that this company believes in the services they provide.”


I use a lot of tools, and am not shy about delivering the news when it is painful to use - Fugue is great to use.”


We have seen a benefit of much faster ability to perform comprehensive audits of our deployed resources.”

Strong Trust

When asked “How likely is it that you would recommend our company, product or service to a friend or colleague?" the Net Promoter Score (NPS) was 93+.


Trusted by Leading Companies

Respected Expertise

Josh Stella is a tech geek founder turned CEO of Fugue. Foreshadowing market demand, Stella advised national intelligence agencies in 2012 while at Amazon Web Services, and founded cloud security firm Fugue in 2013. He also authored these popular books:

  • State of Cloud Security 2021
  • Scalable Cloud Ops with Fugue 2017
  • Immutable Infrastructure 2016
  • Chief Technology Officer of 2021, Silver Winner Globe Awards
  • Host of Cloud Security MasterClass Series

Important Awards and Certifications

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Strong Guarantees

We stand by what we do, and the speed with which we do it. We are the only cloud security company to provide a guarantee of rapid time to value and lasting success.


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