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With Fugue, organizations gain visibility into their security and compliance posture, assure continuous compliance, and enable security automation with CI/CD integration and pre-deployment policy compliance checks.


Gain Visibility

Gain visibility into your Google Cloud security posture


Continuous Compliance

Assure and demonstrate cloud infrastructure compliance


Automate Security

Automate pre-deployment Google Cloud security with Regula

Share Responsibility Model v2
Policy as Code Example

Security and Compliance are Shared Responsibilities

Security and compliance in the cloud are shared responsibilities between the organization and Google Cloud, the cloud service provider. 

Google Cloud is responsible for "Security of the Cloud" or protection of the infrastructure that runs all of the services offered in their cloud. The customer is responsible for "Security in the Cloud" or any data, applications, operating systems, and network or firewall configurations that run on the CSP's infrastructure

Gain Visibility

Visualize your Google cloud environments, discover resources and configurations, and validate compliance. For example, if a developer enables ingress to port 22 (SSH) with a firewall rule and forgets to remove the rule later, Fugue highlights the misconfigured firewall rule and VPC.

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Gain Visibility
Continuous Compliance

Continuous Compliance

Fugue continuously assesses your Google Cloud resources for potential security misconfigurations and policy violations mapped to common compliance families, including CIS Google Cloud Platform Foundation Benchmarks.

Automate Pre-Deployment Security

Regula enables DevOps and security engineers using Google Cloud to evaluate their Terraform infrastructure-as-code for potential misconfigurations and compliance violations before any resources are created.

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Automate Pre-Deployment Security

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