Introducing Fugue
Risk Manager

Scan your cloud environment for compliance violations and prevent critical breaches within your infrastructure

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  • Continuous Compliance

    Scan your cloud environment for security and compliance violations.

  • Drift Detection

    Establish a known-good baseline across your diverse cloud environments and detect drift within minutes.

  • Baseline Enforcement

    Revert unauthorized infrastructure changes back to the baseline to enforce the known-good state.

How Is Fugue Different?

Fugue is the only product that automatically remediates cloud security and compliance risks by reverting unauthorized infrastructure changes back to a known-good baseline state.

  Fugue Other Products
Establish a Known-Good Baseline Yes No
Detect Infrastructure Drift Within Minutes Yes No
Enforce Unauthorized Change Back to the Baseline Yes No
  • Configuration Management

    Configuration management tools configure primarily operating systems or applications. Fugue focuses only on cloud infrastructure in identifying and automatically remediating policy violations.

  • Infrastructure Provisioning

    Provisioning tools automate the deployment of cloud infrastructure via configuration files. Fugue identifies and remediates policy violations in cloud infrastructure, no matter how the infrastructure is provisioned.

  • Cloud Security Monitoring

    Security monitoring tools find security and compliance violations in cloud infrastructure. Fugue extends these tools by automatically remediating violations in near real time.

  • Risk Manager

    Fugue Risk Manager, a SaaS standalone solution, provides Chief Security Information Officers and their teams comprehensive visibility into their cloud environment to identify compliance and security risks. 

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  • Fugue Platform

    Fugue Platform provisions and enforces a known good baseline across your diverse cloud environments. Fugue’s policy-as-code approach ensures that infrastructure is only deployed if it is free of policy or security violation.

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Happy Customers

With Fugue, organizations can confidently work together to move securely and fast to the cloud. Here’s what our customers are saying about us:

  • “Why we love working with Fugue: I can demonstrate in real time that I’m compliant all the time. We’ve never really had that before.”

    Peter O’Donoghue VP Application Services
  • “Fugue’s cloud-native solution is transforming how cloud infrastructure security and compliance can be achieved.”

    Mike Ferrari Principal, Investments

Some of our Customers

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Identify security and compliance violations and ensure they are never repeated.

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