Autonomous Cloud Security and Compliance

Fugue ensures cloud infrastructure stays in continuous compliance with enterprise security policies.

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  • Detect

    Cloud misconfigurations and compliance violations
  • Enforce

    Baselines with codeless auto-remediation
  • Report

    On CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark, CIS Microsoft Azure Foundations Benchmark, HIPAA, GDPR, NIST 800-53, ISO 27001, PCI and SOC 2.

How Is Fugue Different?

Fugue’s self-healing infrastructure delivers cloud security resiliency. It eliminates infrastructure misconfiguration that can lead to compliance violations and data breaches.

  Fugue Other Products
Establish a known-good infrastructure baseline Yes No
Detect drift from your baseline without false positives Yes No
Automatically remediate drift without coding or scripts Yes No
Integrate security and compliance checks into CI/CD pipelines Yes No
  • CI/CD Pipelines

    CI/CD tools automate the deployment of application code and cloud infrastructure via configuration files. Fugue identifies and remediates policy violations in cloud infrastructure before and after they are deployed to production.

  • Log Management and SIEM Tools

    Log management and SIEM tools ingest and manage operational and security events from multiple sources. Fugue sends policy violation and misconfiguration data to these tools to provide information on security and compliance incidents.

  • Digital Workflow Tools

    Digital workflow tools create electronic workflows to facilitate collaboration and communication within an enterprise. Fugue sends policy violation and misconfiguration data to these tools to initiate trouble tickets for investigation.

What Our Customers Are Saying

With Fugue, organizations can confidently work together to move securely and fast to the cloud. Here’s what our customers are saying about us:

  • “Why we love working with Fugue: I can demonstrate in real time that I’m compliant all the time. We’ve never really had that before.”

    Peter O’Donoghue VP Application Services
  • “Fugue’s cloud-native solution is transforming how cloud infrastructure security and compliance can be achieved.”

    Mike Ferrari Principal, Investments

Fugue Customers Include:

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