Cloud Infrastructure Automation & Security

Identify & Eliminate Cloud Risks

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  • Automated Remediation

    Automatically restores your infrastructure to its known good state if anything changes.

  • Compliance Validation

    Content libraries to verify whether infrastructure is in compliance with regulations such as NIST 800-53, HIPAA, and GDPR.

  • Secured Architecture

    Ensures all Fugue traffic is encrypted and executed only via Cloud Provider queuing or notification services.

How Is Fugue Different?

Fugue is the only product that automatically remediates cloud security and compliance risks by reverting infrastructure changes to a known good state.

  Fugue Other Products
Provides Continuous Monitoring & Compliance; Enforces Within Minutes Yes No
Reverts All Infrastructure Policy Violations Yes No
Ability to Disable Automated Action for Auditing Yes No
  • Configuration Management

    Configuration management tools configure primarily operating systems or applications. Fugue focuses only on cloud infrastructure in identifying and automatically remediating policy violations.

  • Infrastructure Provisioning

    Provisioning tools automate the deployment of cloud infrastructure via configuration files. Fugue identifies and remediates policy violations in cloud infrastructure, no matter how the infrastructure is provisioned.

  • Cloud Security Monitoring

    Security monitoring tools find security and compliance violations in cloud infrastructure. Fugue extends these tools by automatically remediating violations in near real time.

Case Studies

  • “Fugue makes it possible to demonstrate to our PCI auditors that no configuration drift has happened in our cloud environments.”

  • “Fugue has helped us with SOC Type 1 compliance and will help ensure we remain compliant as we transition to SOC 2 Type 2.”

Secure Your Cloud

Find security and compliance violations in your cloud infrastructure and ensure they never happen again.