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Today we announced that Fugue has been acquired by Snyk, the leader in developer-first security. This marks Snyk’s entry into the fast-growing cloud security market, and I want to share why I’m so excited about joining with them to build the future of security. 

Why I’m excited that Fugue is joining Snyk

Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud are essentially global distributed computers, and they represent the most profound shift in the industry in decades. Anyone anywhere in the world with an internet connection and a credit card can use one of these computers. In the middle of the last century, someone (many think it was IBM Chairman Thomas Watson) said something like "there is a world market for maybe five computers." Many consider this prediction to be an epic failure, but in a way, Watson was right all along. These cloud platforms are the computers. 

I started Fugue because I saw in the cloud unlimited potential entirely in the hands of developers. Cloud infrastructure is 100% software from the customer perspective, and everything about it is programmable — including its security. Because our computing environments have become API-driven — and we have languages to act upon those APIs — infrastructure is now the domain of software development. We can check the security of infrastructure as code in design and in CI/CD, and keep the cloud runtime free of misconfiguration — all using the same policy as code framework. And we can help developers design cloud architecture to be inherently secure against the sophisticated control plane compromise attacks that we see in every major cloud breach. 

Snyk is by far the most successful company with the best technology for providing security tooling to application developers. When I met Guypo (Snyk Co-Founder Guy Podjarny), we both realized we share a vision for the future of security that’s in the hands of developers. There is no other company as focused on empowering developers to build secure applications as Snyk. They’ve proven this model is a better approach to security. Their customers are shipping applications faster and reducing risk while spending less time on the problem. The ROI for developer-driven security is substantial. 

Guy and I also recognize that in the cloud, the application boundary now includes all of the infrastructure and the platforms it’s running on. Cloud infrastructure is just another module of the application. Developers and security teams need to have a clear line of sight and control through the whole system — application, infrastructure, platforms, identity — across the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Adversaries are after sensitive data, and they don’t honor arbitrary boundaries or security product categories — they traverse all of it to maximize the blast radius of their attacks. 

Snyk and Fugue have both been aimed squarely at where the security puck is going. That’s why I’m so excited to be joining forces with Snyk in building the future of security together — with developers. 

What this means for our customers

As my conversations with Snyk progressed, another shared value emerged: An obsessive focus on our customers' success. I reached out to some customers we share with Snyk to understand their experience. One said “we have a lot of vendor relationships, but Fugue and Snyk are the only ones we think of as true partners.” This is a strong testament to the value and commitment of both the teams, and helped convince me that Snyk is the ideal home for Fugue.  

Our customers will be curious about what the future of Fugue looks like as part of Snyk, and what they should expect. You’ll continue enjoying the best cloud and infrastructure as code security available, and we promise to keep delivering against our product roadmap with no gaps and no “acquisition coma.” With the Snyk acquisition, we’ll have far more resources to deliver a lot more value to our customers, faster. Our customer success team is reaching out to every Fugue customer to answer any questions and explain more about what this acquisition means for them. 

Looking ahead: building the future of security together   

Looking ahead, we’re going to bridge you to a future vision — a model of security that works much better than what you’ve had to live with historically. Because through the Snyk acquisition, we’re going to be able to solve big, system-wide problems from the first line of application code all the way through to your cloud design, infrastructure configuration, and runtime — and it will be completely integrated. You’ll have a seamless, deep view into your security, with guidance and automation across the full lifecycle of what you’re building and running. 

And you’ll be able to move faster and more securely in the cloud than was ever possible before. 

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