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Resource Visualizer

Explore an interactive map of your infrastructure as code (IaC) and runtime resources to review security vulnerabilities, understand how resources are connected, and assess compliance posture.

Visualize Security Vulnerabilities

You can't secure what you can't see. Always know what's running in your cloud -- or declared in your IaC -- by reviewing a visual map of your runtime resources.

  • Zoom in to inspect configuration details for individual resources
  • Examine connected resources to understand how they interrelate
  • Uncover orphaned and long-forgotten resources that could pose security risks
Resource Visualizer 1 - Vulnerabilities

Secure Your Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Shift cloud security left by visually reviewing the security posture of your IaC. Find and fix misconfigurations faster -- before they become vulnerabilities in runtime.

  • Visualize Terraform HCL files and CloudFormation templates as you write them
  • Unveil and remediate security vulnerabilities before deployment
  • View IaC compliance violations for more than a dozen compliance families
Resource Visualizer 2 - IaC Security

Reveal Compliance Violations

With more than a dozen compliance families, including SOC 2, PCI, HIPAA, and more, Fugue's resource visualizer shows you your compliance state at a glance.

  • Conveniently review the overall compliance posture of your IaC and runtime resources
  • Select a resource to see a detailed list of compliance violations
  • Easily export a diagram of your infrastructure to speed up audits
Resource Visualizer 3 - Compliance Violations