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Visualize Security Vulnerabilities

You can't secure what you can't see. Always know what's running in your cloud -- or declared in your IaC -- by reviewing a visual map of your runtime resources.

  • Zoom in to inspect configuration details for individual resources
  • Examine connected resources to understand how they interrelate
  • Uncover orphaned and long-forgotten resources that could pose security risks
Resource Visualizer 1 - Vulnerabilities

Secure Your Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Shift cloud security left by visually reviewing the security posture of your IaC. Find and fix misconfigurations faster -- before they become vulnerabilities in runtime.

  • Visualize Terraform HCL files and CloudFormation templates as you write them
  • Unveil and remediate security vulnerabilities before deployment
  • View IaC compliance violations for more than a dozen compliance families
Resource Visualizer 2 - IaC Security

Reveal Compliance Violations

With more than a dozen compliance families, including SOC 2, PCI, HIPAA, and more, Fugue's resource visualizer shows you your compliance state at a glance.

  • Conveniently review the overall compliance posture of your IaC and runtime resources
  • Select a resource to see a detailed list of compliance violations
  • Easily export a diagram of your infrastructure to speed up audits
Resource Visualizer 3 - Compliance Violations

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Prevent cloud misconfiguration and ensure continuous compliance from infrastructure through runtime with the same security policies across the development lifecycle.