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Detect Drift Events

Know what has changed in your cloud -- and what downstream impact it may have on your security and compliance. Fugue logs all resource changes so you can review them and remediate them if needed.

  • Review an event stream of all changes to your cloud infrastructure, including whether resources were created, destroyed, or modified
  • Drill down to see precisely which resource attributes have changed and how
  • Validate drift events and quickly identify potential security risks and compliance issues
Drift and Remediation 1 - Detect Drift Events 2

Review Snapshots of Your Cloud Environment

Fugue continuously snapshots a cloud environment to build a complete history of all resources and configurations. Inspect historical snapshots and examine drift, remediation, and compliance events.

  • Go back in time to view historical snapshots and see your resource configuration at a specific moment
  • Review compliance changes over time to spot negative patterns or trends and remediate issues
  • Set a known-good snapshot as a baseline and optionally auto-remediate changes back to that state
Drift and Remediation 2 - Baseline Resources

Remediate Drift Automatically

Fugue's optional auto-remediation feature can automatically and safely revert changes, returning resources to a known-good state -- without the risk of unintended destructive events.

  • Choose any known-good snapshot in the history of your environment as a basis for reverting changes
  • Drift is automatically corrected as soon as it is detected -- without additional bots, scripts, or rulesets
  • Select your most critical resources to become "self-healing" and automatically resolve security and compliance issues caused by drift
Drift and Remediation 3 - Remediate Drift

Get Notifications About Critical Changes

Identify and resolve security issues in near real-time. If an IAM policy is modified to become overly permissive, or a port that shouldn't be open becomes open, you'll know about it.

  • Receive email change reports for drift, remediation, and compliance events
  • Integrate event notifications with external tools such as Slack, Jira, PagerDuty, and OpsGenie
  • Review notification details for potential impact on your compliance and security posture

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