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Cloud Native Security

Defend your cloud infrastructure against cloud native threats


Detect Common and Complex Vulnerabilities

Identify resource misconfigurations that lead to system compromise

  • Find common vulnerabilities such as overly broad access policies or user permissions
  • Leverage powerful Regula Policy Engine to detect complex vulnerabilities encompassing multiple resource types

Track Cloud Indicators of Compromise (IoCs)

Use IoCs to reconstruct how cloud resources are misconfigured and exploited

  • Identify which resource misconfigurations are cloud Indicators of Compromise that enable breaches
  • Investigate IoCs by inspecting and verifying drift events (i.e. unvalidated configuration changes)
  • Create a forensic audit trail of resource changes to reconstruct how breaches occur

Automated Remediation of Vulnerable Misconfigurations

Prevent breaches by automatically remediating vulnerable misconfigurations

  • Create complete forensic audit trail of all resource configuration changes
  • Leverage audit trail to automatically undo misconfigurations that lead to compromise
  • Review an event stream of remediations to provide full visibility into automated actions