Fugue Customers Include:

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Fugue dramatically shortened the amount of time the customer needed to enable developers to provision AWS infrastructure as well as to ensure compliance to policy.


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A&E is available to approximately 95M households in the United States. The network is also available in Canada with international versions launched in Australia, Latin America, and Europe.

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With a common purpose to make advertising matter to brands and consumers alike, Xandr leverages the spirit of innovation to provide a premium option for advertisers and publishers looking to reach a specific audience.


"Fugue is helping us achieve better integration and collaboration between our development, security and compliance teams to ensure compliance and shift left on enforcing additional compliance standards."

- Manual Solis, Senior Security Infrastructure Engineer, TrueCar

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"Fugue is a great product with an awesome team leading the charge of helping us meet our compliance requirements!"

- Rene Noeun, Security Compliance Analyst, SparkPost

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"Fugue's baselining approach helps us identify unapproved network changes and monitor cloud resources without the need for time-consuming audits. Cloud security and compliance is a top priority at PBS, and Fugue was easy to adopt and scale to meet our needs."

- Mike Norton, Senior Director of Cloud Architecture, PBS


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Red Ventures brings customers and brands together through powerful, online experiences.
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"I may spend half a day standing up a new product, and it's still sort of opaque about what direct value they offer. But five minutes after I signed up for Fugue, I could scan an account and see what was not in compliance and what had drifted."

- Dave Williams, Cloud Architect, NLT


TravelBank is an all-in-one travel and expense management platform. Using an intelligent algorithm, TravelBank predicts travel costs based on real-time pricing.


“Fugue makes it possible to demonstrate to our PCI auditors that no configuration drift has happened in our cloud environments.”

- Justin Rupp, Senior System Architect, GlobalGiving


Turning Technologies provide solutions to meet the needs of today's presenters and learners.


GoGuardian provides Chromebook management software that protects students online and gives educators better control over how their technology is used.


“Fugue’s strength is in providing centralized visibility and control across DevSecOps teams, thereby avoiding policy violations and misconfigurations in the cloud.”

- Peter O’Donoghue, VP of Application Services at Unisys Federal

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“Fugue acts as a massive safety net since I can immediately know if something changes, and it can self enforce the configuration."


-Dave Williams, Cloud Architect, New Light Technologies