Fugue Customers Include:


“Fugue’s strength is in providing centralized visibility and control across DevSecOps teams, thereby avoiding policy violations and misconfigurations in the cloud.”

- Peter O’Donoghue, VP of Application Services at Unisys Federal


“Fugue makes it possible to demonstrate to our PCI auditors that no configuration drift has happened in our cloud environments.”

- Justin Rupp, Senior System Architect, GlobalGiving


Fugue dramatically shortened the amount of time the customer needed to enable developers to provision AWS infrastructure as well as to ensure compliance to policy.


Turning Technologies provide solutions to meet the needs of today's presenters and learners.
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PBS, a non profit organization, is the most prominent provider of educational television programming to public television stations in the United States.


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SparkPost is the world's #1 email delivery provider. Their customers send more than 5 trillion messages a year.



Fugue’s cloud-native solution is transforming how cloud infrastructure security and compliance can be achieved.

- Mike Ferrari, Principal, Investments

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“Why we love working with Fugue --- I can demonstrate in real-time that I am compliant all the time. We’ve never really had that before."

-Peter O’Donoghue, VP of Application Services at Unisys Federal