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About the Customer

Real Time Medical Systems (Real Time) provides health data analytics to hospitals, long-term care facilities, and post-acute facilities. Real Time’s cloud-based solution captures, analyzes, and collates live Electronic Health Record (EHR) documentation to identify subtle changes in clinical condition and deliver suggested interventions to clinical teams before an adverse situation occurs.


Customer Challenge

Real Time is planning to migrate large production cloud workloads in the future from a managed Amazon Web Services (AWS) provider to their own AWS accounts, and they needed a product that could ensure their new accounts were configured properly to ensure sensitive health records are secure and to prove continuous HIPAA compliance. The ability to monitor the security of cloud resources in development and staging accounts is as important to Real Time as it is for production accounts

Real Time needed a solution that they could deploy quickly and easily and would continuously monitor their environment for security issues.

The Fugue Solution

Real Time chose Fugue as their cloud security monitoring and compliance solution because, when evaluating multiple options, they determined that Fugue supports the most HIPAA controls across the various AWS services they use.

The Real Time infrastructure team onboarded Fugue in one day and analyzed the security poster of the thousands of resources they have running in their AWS environment. Fugue provided a comprehensive HIPAA assessment and a prioritized list of issues and remediation guidance that helped the infrastructure team address them efficiently.

The Real Time infrastructure team actively leverages Fugue’s cloud resource visualizer, compliance dashboards, and enterprise reporting.

Results and Benefits

Fugue delivered to Real Time the rapid time-to-value they need to be able to successfully migrate their future production cloud workloads to their own AWS accounts and prove compliance at every step. Fugue ensures their AWS environments are configured securely and adhere to best practices and HIPAA compliance requirements.

Fugue has helped Real Time demonstrate that their sensitive data will remain secure and in compliance on AWS when they decide to migrate to the new AWS Accounts. The ability to continuously evaluate their AWS infrastructure against HIPAA and other industry compliance families such as NIST 800-53 and the CIS Foundations Benchmark for AWS has saved them significant engineering hours that equate to more than a 3X return on their investment, and supports Real Time by automating ongoing HIPAA and HITRUST compliance assessments.

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