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Compliance Automation

Spend less time on manual audits and continuously prove cloud compliance to auditors and stakeholders with informative dashboards, one-click reports, and automated notifications.

View and Share Compliance Reports

Always know the compliance state of your infrastructure. Prove compliance right now or peruse historical compliance reports and share the data with management.

  • Clear dashboards show your compliance posture at a glance
  • Detailed, filterable tables give you all the information you need at your fingertips
  • Instantly email reports to stakeholders, upload reports to Amazon S3, or schedule reports to be sent automatically
Feature Module 5 - Compliance Automation

Streamline Auditing and Compliance Workflows with Automation

Keep stakeholders up to date automatically and integrate notifications with external tools so you can distribute notifications in any way you need.

  • Send notifications of compliance state changes to messaging tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Amazon SNS
  • Integrate compliance data with enterprise analytics and automation services such as Jira, Splunk, and ServiceNow
  • Automate compliance scans using the Fugue REST API
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Remediate Compliance Violations

Check your infrastructure against hundreds of predefined rules for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud mapped to more than a dozen compliance families such as SOC 2, PCI, and CIS Benchmarks.

  • Filter compliance data by severity, resource type, tag, and more to prioritize remediation of violations
  • Remediation documentation shows you how to resolve every compliance violation
  • Optional auto-remediation returns your non-compliant resources to a known-good state locally.
Compliance Automation 3 - Resource Remediation

Enforce Enterprise Policies

Not all organizations have the same needs. If yours has specific requirements, such as tagging cloud resources or requiring strict passwords, you can write your own compliance policies.

  • Write custom policies that apply to the entire development lifecycle, from infrastructure as code (IaC) to the runtime
  • Select the specific built-in or custom rules you want to enforce and add them to a custom compliance family
  • Disable policies that aren't relevant for your organization, or make exceptions for specific resources with waivers
Compliance Automation 4 - Enforce Policies - Compliance Families