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Organization Management

Combine centralized policies and visibility across business units and customers with localized control — however your enterprise is organized.

Freedom and Flexibility for business units and customers

As an enterprise or service provider, your business units or customers have specific needs. A single Fugue organization can hold multiple self-contained tenants, so you can manage security and compliance at scale, while customizing each tenant's particular requirements.

  • Enable RBAC for each tenant to manage permissions and cloud account access for users, groups, and API clients
  • Configure security and compliance settings at the organization or tenant level, so you can apply compliance families to all tenants across the board, or even customize which specific rules are run for each tenant
  • Set up notifications to alert the security team when Fugue identifies potential vulnerabilities in any tenant

Enforce security controls

Ensure your policy as code security controls are consistently enforced across your entire organization.

  • Leverage hundreds of pre-built rules mapped to more than a dozen compliance families, or write your own custom rules using the powerful Rego language
  • Define an organization-wide compliance "family" with pre-built and custom rules to meet internal security standards
  • Apply organization-wide compliance families to any or all tenants to validate the security of their cloud and infrastructure as code environments

Visibility across your business

Empower centralized security operations teams by giving them visibility and access across all tenants in your business.

  • View consolidated organization-level reports to gain insight into the compliance and security of all tenants
  • Access individual tenants as needed to investigate vulnerabilities and modify settings to meet security standards
  • Operationalize security by producing business unit reporting for IT chargebacks

How Organization Management works

The Fugue Organization Management feature makes it easy to apply global policies in a decentralized structure in four simple steps.