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Enterprise Reporting

One-click reports and intuitive dashboards show you your infrastructure compliance state at a glance and can be shared with auditors and management on-demand or at scheduled times.

Easily Share Reports with Stakeholders

Whether your boss, auditor, or even yourself, get your compliance and security data to the people who need it and package it in whatever format they require.

  • Instantly send out compliance reports or schedule them to be sent regularly
  • Securely upload report data to Amazon S3 or share via email
  • Download your compliance reports in multiple formats such as PNG, PDF, and CSV

Speed Up the Auditing Process

Save hours of manual effort preparing compliance data and diagramming infrastructure for audits and security reports. With Fugue, all it takes is a click to get the data you need.

  • Access one-click reports for more than a dozen compliance families, including SOC 2, PCI, and HIPAA
  • Download a visualization of your infrastructure as code and runtime resources
  • Export tabular data for use with external analytics and SIEM tools
Enterprise Reporting_2Auditing

Find Your Security Blind Spots

It's easy for vulnerabilities to hide at scale. Bring issues to the surface quickly with our intuitive charts and tables so you can prioritize remediation efforts and secure your infrastructure.

  • Pinpoint the services and individual resources with the most critical vulnerabilities
  • Filter rule violations by cloud provider, service, environment, compliance family, and more
  • See an overview of violations and drill down into graphs and tables for more details
Enterprise Reporting_3CompliancePostureDashboard

See Historical Data and Recognize Trends

Determine whether your organization's compliance posture is going in the right direction by reviewing our reports and dashboards. Diagnose trending issues quickly with alerts and notifications.

  • View rule violations and resource non-compliance over time
  • Customize alerts for when metrics exceed a specific threshold
  • See all your rule results in a centralized location and organize by severity, resource type, tag, and more
Enterprise Reporting_4 Resources Dashboard