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Resource Data Engine

Establish and maintain full knowledge of the configuration state and security posture of everything running — and changing — in your cloud environment.

Interactive Map of Your Infrastructure

Continuously snapshot your cloud environment, including every resource, relationship, configuration attribute, and configuration change over time.

  • Record all infrastructure data — not just compliance data. Unlike other products, Fugue captures details of every resource, every configuration attribute, and every relationship.
  • Evaluate every snapshot with policy as code. Fugue automatically checks every configuration detail against the compliance families you select — and your custom policies. 
  • Review changes in your environment. Detect and evaluate every resource change — right down to the attribute level — and identify any policy violations that require action.

Continuous Record of Resource Configuration

Build a shared understanding of your cloud infrastructure environment and security posture among all cloud stakeholders.

  • Explore your cloud environment like never before. Zoom in to inspect configuration details and security vulnerabilities; zoom out to see the big picture and examine resource relationships. 
  • Visually reveal vulnerabilities other tools missed. Some dangers are made obvious when revealed visually, such as orphaned resources and unnecessary resource relationships.
  • Export your maps and include them in planning and audits. Visual maps help bring everyone up to speed about what’s running, how it’s all connected, and where policy issues exist.

Time Machine for the Cloud

Understand how your cloud environment and security posture has changed over time.

  • Review historic infrastructure snapshots. Browse through past snapshots and examine your cloud infrastructure state and security posture at a given moment in time.  
  • Remediate drift back to the previous snapshot. Automatically correct dangerous configuration changes without additional scripts or the risk of unintended destructive events.
  • Analyze trends in your compliance posture over time. One-click reports make it easy to view and report on your progress in bringing environments into compliance

The Unified Policy Engine and the Resource Data Engine

Together with Fugue’s Unified Policy Engine, which empowers teams to apply policy as code automation everywhere they’re operating in the cloud, Fugue’s Resource Data Engine makes it possible to evaluate everything running in your cloud against policy.

Learn what Fugue’s Unified Policy Engine and Resource Data Engine makes possible: