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Infrastructure as Code Security

Secure Terraform and AWS CloudFormation Infrastructure as Code (IaC) in development and CI/CD — and apply the same rules to your cloud runtime.

IaC Security Powered by Open Policy Agent

Fugue leverages the open source Open Policy Agent (OPA) standard for IaC and cloud infrastructure policy as code.

  • Build IaC checks into git workflows and CI/CD pipelines with Regula—an open-source tool powered by OPA
  • Apply the same policies to your IaC and cloud environment with Fugue’s Unified Policy Engine for consistency and time savings.
  • Develop custom rules—including multi-resource checks—using Rego, the simple and powerful open source language of OPA

Open Policy Agent is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) graduated project.

IaC - 2 SDLC check diagram-2

Developer Friendly Tools and Integrations

Ship code faster and more confidently in the cloud with rapid developer feedback and CI/CD checks for IaC security.

  • Check IaC templates before they’re committed to a Git repository with open source command line tools
  • Integrate IaC security to your Git workflows, whether you use GitHub, GitLab, or a private repo
  • Automatically catch IaC policy violations in CI/CD pipelines

Centralized IaC Security

Govern your IaC security for cloud resources, Kubernetes, and containers in one place and ensure consistent policy enforcement across the development lifecycle.

  • Quickly onboard your code repositories to Fugue to establish full IaC security visibility
  • View the results of security and compliance checks on IaC across your organization
  • Access and export tenant-wide, IaC-specific security and compliance reports
IaC - 3 Compliance by Resource

Security for Cloud, Containers, and Kubernetes

Validate IaC for your infrastructure stack with pre-built compliance libraries and your custom enterprise security policies.

  • Evaluate Terraform HCL, plan files and modules to avoid cascading vulnerabilities
  • Validate AWS CloudFormation templates—whether YAML, JSON, composed by hand, or generated by the AWS CDK.
  • Check Kubernetes manifests and dockerfiles to ensure that clusters and container images are configured appropriately
IaC - 4 CloudFormation Terraform

Comprehensive Compliance Coverage

Leverage hundreds of out-of-the-box policies mapped to common compliance standards.

  • Take advantage of hundreds of best-in-class cloud infrastructure rules maintained by Fugue’s team of cloud security experts.
  • Detect dangerous IaC vulnerabilities that span multiple resources, not just single-resource issues.
  • Secure IaC according to industry compliance standards—and Fugue Best Practices to catch vulnerabilities that compliance can miss.

SOC 2 | NIST 800-53 | GDPR | PCI | HIPAA | ISO 27001 | CSA CCM | CIS Controls | CIS Docker | CIS Benchmarks for AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Docker, and Kubernetes

IaC - 5 Compliance Coverage

Visualize Your IaC and Security

Understand your cloud infrastructure and security posture pre-deployment with interactive IaC diagrams.

  • Generate interactive maps of your IaC templates and security posture
  • Zoom in to inspect configuration details, resource relationships, and policy violations
  • Export your IaC diagrams and include them in infrastructure planning and approval processes

Getting started with Fugue IaC in 15 minutes.

IaC - 6 IaC Security Visualization