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  • T-Suite Podcast

    Security, Heal Thyself — Talking with Fugue's Josh Stella

    Fugue co-founder and CTO Josh Stella sits down with Bill Raymond to discuss about the past, present, and future of IT security, self-healing technology, and how enterprises can make their cloud environments more secure.

  • CRN

    CRN Names Fugue one of the 10 Hottest DevOps Technology Startups Of 2018

    CRN offers up their list of the ten hottest DevOps technology startups of 2018. Fugue is recognized for its policy-as-code approach to prevent infrastructure that violates policy from being deployed, and automatically remediating unauthorized change back to a known-good baseline.


    Cloud security firm Fugue gets backing from IC investor In-Q-Tel

    Cloud security outfit Fugue has received an investment from the intelligence community’s venture capital arm In-Q-Tel in order to further bring cloud security automation tools into the national security community.


    The State of Cloud Security

    Fugue co-founder and CTO Josh Stella writes in DevOps Digest on the state of cloud security. IT Operations and Security professionals are caught between a rock and a hard place with cloud misconfiguration. They can limit their organization's cloud agility by clamping down hard on which configurations are allowed, or they can live with a great deal of exposure, uncertainty and operational costs.


    Fugue Compliance Suite Released for Cloud Infrastructure

    Fugue announced the availability of the Fugue Compliance Suite to make it easier for enterprises to validate cloud infrastructure against security and compliance policy to prevent data breaches. The Compliance Suite contains pre-built validations expressed in policy-as-code libraries that are mapped to AWS CIS Benchmarks, NIST 800-53 Rev. 4, GDPR, and HIPAA.


    Solving the cloud infrastructure misconfiguration problem

    Security incidents involving cloud infrastructure misconfiguration have become a significant threat since many organizations began shifting their assets to the cloud. Fugue CEO Phillip Merrick talks with Zeljka Zorz from Help Net Security about the problem and what enterprises can do to solve it.


    Cloud misconfiguration: The security threat too often overlooked

    A survey of 300 IT professionals by cloud infrastructure security provider Fugue reveals that most enterprises are vulnerable to security events caused by cloud misconfiguration, including data breaches and system downtime events.


    The One Cloud Security Metric Every CISO Should Know

    The biggest risk in the cloud comes from infrastructure misconfigurations, largely due to human error. But they're entirely preventable. Fugue CTO Josh Stella writes about cloud misconfiguration risk, how to measure it, and what enterprises can do to eliminate it.


    Industrial Cloud Computing is Here

    Josh Stella (CEO of Fugue) talks with Inside Analysis host Eric Kavanagh about cloud computing and where it’s headed. Topics include #DevSecOps and the need to automate cloud security and compliance.


    The Cloudcast #338—Governance and DevSecOps

    Brian talks with Josh Stella (CEO of Fugue) about what DevSecOps means, how companies manage the tension between developer agility and operations stability, how to codify governance via code, and early steps to success in DevOps culture.


    Unisys, Fugue usher government entities into second phase of cloud adoption

    With the market now in the “second phase of cloud,” Fugue and Unisys work together to move customers out of the shadow information technology era and into full strategic adoption. “To do that you need automation, you need repeatability, you need consistency, you need policy enforcement.”


    11 Tips to Prevent Customer Data Breaches

    Experts weigh in on cloud security, with Fugue CEO Josh Stella giving thoughts on infrastructure governance, automation, policy-as-code, and DevSecOps collaboration.

  • INC.

    Here's the Real Dish on the Public Cloud

    Inc.'s Molly St. Louis sat down with Fugue CEO Josh Stella to discuss the dynamics of the public cloud and how best to tap its power—while maintaining best practices, staying compliant, and focusing on your company's core business value.


    Infrastructure governance keeps systems in compliance

    Compliance is not just for apps and data. Infrastructure, whether on premises or in the cloud, must also adhere to corporate policies. Unfortunately, after resources are spun up for development or production, they often are not checked or audited frequently enough—or at all—to ensure they continue operating in compliance with the rules. Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit Global Giving turned to Fugue to address infrastructure governance, automation, and policy compliance needs.


    Why The Uber Hack May Have Been A Ticking Time Bomb

    Even in these days of rapid innovation and heightened security awareness, there’s little that can stop human mistakes from leading to disastrous consequences for businesses. This is especially true when we rely on manual processes and practices in developing complex applications. Fortunately this is also a time of smart, scalable automation, and we now have the tools we need to stop these disasters in their tracks.


    Fugue: Preventing Out-of-Compliance Cloud Deployments

    Fugue prevents configuration drift or the introduction of out-of-compliance resources across the entire cloud deployment, ensuring an accurate reference architecture as well as the ability to audit every aspect of the deployment.


    Interview: Josh Stella, Fugue, Peter O'Donoghue, Unisys Federal | AWS re:Invent

    At AWS re:Invent, the CUBE's John Furrier discussed cloud security, compliance, and governance with Fugue CEO Josh Stella and Unisys Federal VP of Application Services, Peter O'Donoghue. Josh and Peter offer solution and market insights, including how partnerships like this one can protect enterprises and government from misconfigurations and human error.


    Fugue automates all the (AWS) things

    The reality is that modern enterprises are more complex than ever before – they use a myriad of different infrastructure patterns and managing all of that is hard. I’ve also been a critic of current management and monitoring offerings as they tend to (in my view) only deliver half of the equation: they expose the issues but don’t automate the actions. Or they automate actions, but not with a tie-in to monitoring intelligence. This is where Fugue comes in – created by some folks with deep AWS experience, Fugue is all about policy-driven automation.


    3 Ways to Simplify Your Legacy IT Infrastructure

    In an age of cloud-based infrastructure and software services, the vestigial reliance on legacy systems makes little sense either from an efficiency standpoint or a financial perspective. Here are three ways IT professionals can update their technology for a more simplified and unified infrastructure with more uptime and lower costs.


    Fugue Adds New Governance Capabilities

    Fugue's latest release is purpose-built to help organizations go faster in the cloud and reduce risks and vulnerabilities associated with reliance on reactive legacy ops practices. Architected with a proactive approach, Fugue continuously assures policy compliance throughout the entire infrastructure lifecycle.


    C-Suite Check-in: Six Strategic Truths about Cloud

    Cloud is one of the most pervasive disruptors—discussed everywhere—yet still one of the least well understood. For most companies, its use is inevitable. Being on the strategic edge, with a view of what’s really happening and armed with knowledge that compels you to act, is probably the best place for the C-Suite to be.


    Fugue Helps Regulated Industries by Taking on Hardest Parts of the Cloud

    Building a cloud infrastructure that works is hard enough, but for government agencies or financial institutions, strict rules and regulations make for a particularly complicated governance challenge. Fugue CEO, Josh Stella, visited with John Walls and Stu Miniman, co-hosts of theCUBE, during this week’s AWS Summit in New York City to discuss how Fugue helps enterprises meet C-suite expectations.


    The 2017 SD Times 100: ‘Best in Show’ in Software Development

    Fugue has been named one of the top 10 IT Ops companies in the 2017 SD Times 100. The walls separating segments of what has become the modern software development life cycle have come a-tumblin' down. So development managers need to know more about infrastructure than ever before, and these are the companies leading the way.


    IT Pros Say: Cloud Needs a Makeover

    In significant numbers across the board, survey respondents cited cloud complexity, compliance and security, cost control, speed of delivery, and domain expertise as the cloud problems their organizations were working to overcome this year.


    Top cloud challenges: Security, compliance, and cost control

    A new Fugue survey, fielded to over 300 IT operations professionals, executives, and developers, found that most respondents believe that the cloud is not living up to expectations because of compliance and security concerns, unexpected downstream costs, and the glut of cloud management tools available in the market.


    Fugue targets government agencies for nitty-gritty cloud management

    Rules are important in the computing world, but they are everything for a government agency. That’s why Fugue Inc. has built a new kind of cloud-native automated operating system designed to mitigate risk and streamline system governance.


    AWS GovCloud adds several new services

    Fugue, a provider of automated cloud infrastructure management solutions, announced June 8 that its service is available in AWS GovCloud.


    Fugue Team Conductor Launched

    With the launch of the Fugue Team Conductor, the company delivers centralized control, advanced governance, and secure collaboration for operating on the cloud at scale.


    Guest View: Five tips for moving fast and well in the cloud

    Here’s the not-so-surprising moral of this story: The key to cloud productivity lies in automating — not only an application’s build, but its provisioning, operations, monitoring processes, in fact, the application’s entire software development life cycle.


    Fugue Named a ‘Cool Vendor’ by Gartner

    Fugue, a leading provider of automated cloud infrastructure management solutions, announced today its inclusion on the "Cool Vendors" list in the 2017 Cloud Computing report published by Gartner, Inc.


    How Do You Control a Cloud?

    The enterprise cloud ecosystem is complex – use these top 5 best practices to holistically optimize your cloud operations, security and compliance.


    Maryland Startup Fugue Scoops $41M in New Funding Round

    Frederick, Md.-based cloud data infrastructure startup Fugue has picked up about $41 million in a new funding round. The Series D round was led by Washington, D.C.-based New Enterprise Associatesand included investment from the Maryland Venture Fund, a previous investor, the Future Fund, the sovereign wealth fund of Australia.


    Cool tech at AWS re:Invent

    With the free version of Fugue, you can provision multiple cloud environments and enforce infrastructure configurations across AWS regions in a single account.


    Getting Cloud Out Of A Fugue State

    The polyphonic weavings of a fugue in baroque music is a beautiful thing and an apt metaphor for how we want orchestration on cloud infrastructure to behave in a harmonic fashion. Unfortunately, most cloudy infrastructure is in more of a fugue state, complete with multiple personalities and amnesia.


    Fugue Cloud Management Tool Launched for AWS

    Fugue (pronounced few-g) has launched what it calls the “first cloud-native technology that manages the full lifecycle of cloud infrastructure to enterprise IT standards.”


    Start-Up Launches Cloud Management Tool for AWS

    In a new report, research firm Gartner Inc. noted that the depth and complexity of Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) offerings — and the pace of new service introductions — lend themselves to professional assistance for optimized use by enterprises.


    Fugue Solves Pain Point of Running AWS at Scale

    A former Amazon Web Services (AWS) engineer co-founded a company — Fugue — which today announced its cloud infrastructure automation product, also named Fugue. The software is designed to help AWS customers simplify their use of the cloud.


    Fugue Aims to Automate Serverless Computing

    Looking to accelerate the arrival of a new age of “serverless computing” in the cloud, Fugue today unveiled a management framework designed from the ground up to unify the management of widely distributed IT infrastructure resources.


    Fugue Raises $20M Series C Round For Its Cloud Operating System

    Fugue (the company previously known as Luminal), today announced that it has raised $20 million in a Series C funding round led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA). The Frederick, MD- and Washington, DC-based company’s previous investors, including Core Capital, are also part of this round.


    This N.Y. Design Firm Is Branching Out From the Music Biz

    After spending almost two decades creating album covers for artists like the Rolling Stones and Talking Heads, Stefan Sagmeister wanted to branch out. Enter Jessica Walsh. Initially joining as a designer in 2011, two years later, at the age of 27, she was made partner. The duo announced the news with a nude photo together—something Sagmeister is famous for. Now, the New York-based firm boasts a diverse range of clients, from Levi's to the Guggenheim Museum to Columbia University.

  • Northern Virginia Technology Council

    Fugue named a 2018 NVTC Tech 100 company

    The Northern Virginia Technology Council has named Fugue a 2018 NVTC Tech 100 company. The NVTC Tech 100 are the companies and individuals who are driving tech innovation, implementing new solutions for their customers, and leading growth in the Greater Washington region.

  • Help Net Security

    Fugue releases Risk Manager to ID cloud compliance violations

    Fugue announces Risk Manager, a SaaS solution that inspects cloud infrastructure environments and identifies resource configuration issues for common compliance regimes. Fugue Risk Manager can identify configuration drift and revert it back to established known-good baselines as soon as it occurs.

  • DevOps Digest

    Fugue Risk Manager Released

    Fugue announced the release of Fugue Risk Manager, a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution designed to make it easier for enterprises to identify compliance issues in their cloud environments and prevent them from reoccurring.

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