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AWS Cloud Security and Compliance

Ensure Your AWS Infrastructure Stays in Continuous Compliance


AWS Advanced Technology Partner

With Fugue, organizations gain visibility into security and compliance posture, eliminate AWS misconfiguration with drift detection and context-aware guardrails, and enable security automation with CI/CD integration and pre-deployment policy compliance checks.



Visualize AWS compliance with powerful diagramming and reporting tools



Enable comprehensive drift detection and context-aware guardrails for critical resources



Build AWS security and compliance into the software development lifecycle with Fugue's API and IaC checks

Gain Visibility into AWS Security

Visualize your cloud security and compliance posture within minutes using interactive maps of your AWS environment and infrastructure as code (IaC) templates.

Fugue continuously generates a complete picture of your cloud environment that makes it easy to review security vulnerabilities and build a shared understanding across teams. Zoom in to inspect resource configuration details and policy violations, and zoom out to explore resource relationships, identify orphaned resources, and review your overall compliance posture. Export your maps to include in reports and audits.


Prove AWS Compliance

Speed up compliance by 60% with automated policy assessments of your cloud environment against the AWS Well Architected Framework, common industry compliance families, and your custom enterprise security policies.

Fugue continuously evaluates AWS resources with hundreds of predefined rules mapped to the AWS Well-Architected Framework (Security and Reliability pillars), CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark, CIS Controls, CIS Docker, CSA CCM, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, PCI, SOC 2, and the Fugue Best Practices Framework to catch advanced vulnerabilities that compliance can miss.


Eliminate AWS Misconfiguration

Fugue builds a dynamic model of your AWS environment as a baseline and identifies configuration drift that occurs between deployments.

For critical resources, Fugue enables context-aware guardrails to auto-remediate unwanted drift back to a baseline without manual remediation or automation scripts. For instance, if an Amazon VPC is altered to allow SSH access from the internet, Fugue returns the security group rules to the known-good baseline state.


Integrate AWS Security into Software Development

Build AWS security and compliance into software development from design to production.

Fugue's API enables integrating snapshots, reporting, and auto-remediation into CI/CD pipelines, in addition to building workflows and exporting events and data into other third-party tools. Regula, an open-source tool maintained by Fugue, validates Terraform and CloudFormation for policy compliance pre-deployment.


Simplify cloud security with end-to-end policy as code in a single tool

Try Fugue for only $1 and see for yourself how much easier and faster cloud security can be. This is only available through a private offer on AWS Marketplace for a limited time. Fugue is available through AWS Marketplace at


See How Customers Are Transforming Cloud Security

  • Continuous compliance against CIS AWS Benchmark, SOC 2, NIST 800-53, and other compliance standard
  • Notified users of any configuration changes and demonstrated proof of compliance with dashboards
  • Continuous compliance against SOC 2, NIST 800-53, and other compliance standards
  • Demonstrated to customers and auditors that data is safe and secure on AWS
  • Demonstrate that sensitive data is secure and in compliance with HIPAA on AWS
  • Saved significant engineering hours and delivered a 3X return on their investment
  • Ensure security and compliance of AWS environment with significantly fewer engineering resources
  • Up-to-date checks and compliance standards reduces time to build control frameworks internally

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