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Fugue and AWS Security Hub

A single pane of glass for AWS security events

Send Fugue Findings to AWS Security Hub

Fugue empowers engineers to secure their AWS infrastructure at every stage of the development lifecycle, with a powerful, open standard policy engine that delivers meaningful and actionable insights. Fugue now integrates with AWS Security Hub, so that AWS customers have a single, comprehensive view into security posture and alerts from Fugue and other tools within the AWS Security Hub interface.


A list of Fugue findings in AWS Security Hub

Integration Use Cases

  • Security teams can now refer to a single pane of glass - AWS Security Hub - for all of their security events from Fugue, which helps teams analyze and prioritize security issues more quickly
  • Fugue customers can use AWS Security Hub to route security events to centralized SIEMs or log management tools
  • Compliance teams can streamline audit processes for AWS environments by layering in evidence from Fugue with other insights from AWS security tools and other third parties

A Fugue finding in AWS Security Hub

How it Works

Fugue secures the entire development lifecycle by evaluating infrastructure as code and runtime resources for security vulnerabilities and compliance violations. Fugue's findings are sent to AWS Security Hub for analysis and prioritization.


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