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Harry Weller, General Partner leading NEA’s east coast venture practice, passed away unexpectedly on November 19, 2016. Please see NEA’s words for Harry.


J. R. R. Tolkien, one of Harry’s favorites, said, “A safe fairyland is untrue to all worlds.” Harry never counted on life or decisions or business being safe. He looked into this world and bypassed the routine—working fiercely, shaping vivid insights, sharing a smart magic, driving others forward emphatically and lifting them up generously at the same time. He knew that noise was just noise and broke past it. He had the rare wisdom that an explorer finds and shares.


A phenomenon in business, Harry was a committed partner to companies and technologies. He had an uncanny instinct about both. His profound impact on Fugue will ever spur us to realize the vision and software we built with him. Josh put it like this to and for all of us, “He was one of the most dynamic, bold, sincere, and brilliant people I’ve ever known. I had the good fortune to call him a friend, and over the last three years he’s been a constant source of energy, generosity, honesty, and support for me as an individual and for Fugue as a company.”


And Jim, who met Harry on the first day of Duke’s NROTC freshmen orientation and was lucky enough to call him a friend for nearly thirty years, said, “He was one of the most passionate, intelligent, and genuine people I've ever known, and he will be greatly missed by everyone that knew him. With Fugue, like everything else in his life, Harry was all-in—that’s how he lived. If he was going to do something, it was 100%, or … well, there was no ‘or’ … it was always 100%.” Others at Fugue knew him well and will never forget him.


With his warm smile and ever-present humor, conversations with Harry dug to the core of ideas and inspired all the entrepreneurs he worked with to make great things in this world while we occupy it. His presence and vision will continue to guide the countless people who crossed his path and were better for it.


Our profound sympathy and love go out to Harry’s family and friends. We’ll miss you.


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