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    Introducing Zim: A caching build system for teams using monorepos

    Drew Wright

    Zim is a caching build system that is ideal for software development teams using monorepos that contain many components and dependencies. Zim provides for fast incremental, parallel builds across a team and is entirely language agnostic with built-in support for cross-platform builds via Docker. Zim is available as an open source project hosted on GitHub.

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    Architecting a Serverless Web Application in AWS

    Drew Wright

    Here at Fugue, the Web Team is a small but spirited minority—in favor of JavaScript, 60 frames per second, and keeping our DevOps simple. We like experimentation and new approaches to computing that favor substance and elegance over fad and bling. For some time, we’ve been using AWS Lambda with SNS topics and votebots, but we hadn’t tried anything big with it. Until now. The Serverless framework gave us the push we needed. Our goal? To power an application useful to a business function via an API built with Lambda and API Gateway, harming no EC2 instances in the process. Let’s rewind for just a moment to give a brief explanation of AWS Lambda. Like IBM OpenWhisk, Google Cloud Functions, and Azure Functions, it's a service “for executing code in response to specific events such as a...

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