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Comprehensive Drift Detection

Detect configuration changes made to your cloud environment and investigate potentially dangerous misconfigurations in near real-time.

  • Inspect and verify drift events (i.e. unvalidated changes) for existing resource configurations
  • Review newly created and destroyed infrastructure to ensure compliance and identify problems 
  • Drill down on resource attribute changes to identify risks such as IAM policy modifications that may have downstream impacts

Configuration Baselines

Establish known-good configuration baselines for critical cloud resources.

  • Organize critical resources such as security groups, object storage, and databases and establish configuration baselines 
  • Provide a complete set of baseline configurations to your team, management, and auditors

Automated Remediation

Protect your most sensitive cloud resources from potentially dangerous drift events.

  • Automatically revert unauthorized configuration changes without the risk of unintended destructive events
  • Review an event stream of remediations to provide full visibility into automated actions
  • Deploy automated remediation without additional scripts, bots, infrastructure, or rulesets

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