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Discover What's in Your Cloud

Within minutes of onboarding a cloud account, Fugue generates a dynamic visual map of your cloud infrastructure.

  • Explore your cloud architecture and complex resource relationships
  • Zoom in on individual resources to inspect configuration details 
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual diagramming

Reveal Misconfiguration Risks

Visually identify critical issues in your cloud that are often missed using other tools. 

  • Visualize compliance in the context of your architecture and drill into violation details
  • Uncover orphaned cloud resources and undesired network connections

Establish a Shared Understanding on Cloud Compliance

Provide management and auditors with visual maps that illustrate cloud compliance.

  • Explore historical snapshots to see how your compliance posture has changed over time
  • Automatically generate and distribute diagrams to your team and auditors 

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Prevent cloud misconfiguration and ensure continuous compliance with enterprise security policies.