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Enterprise Policies

Implement enterprise policy checks for your cloud environments with rules that fit your organization's specific requirements.

  • Expand on Fugue's existing ruleset with custom policies written in OPA
  • Identify cloud resources that violate your enterprise policies and obtain information needed to correct them
  • Review custom policy reports and distribute them to your team and management


Pre-Deployment Checks for Infrastructure as Code

Validate Terraform and CloudFormation infrastructure-as-code against enterprise policies and out-of-the-box compliance standards with Regula, an open source tool that uses Open Policy Agent. 

  • Get immediate, actionable feedback on policy violations contained in your IaC templates
  • Integrate Regula policies into your software testing tools and CI/CD pipelines 
  • Apply the same policies to infrastructure-as-code as you apply to cloud environments

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Prevent cloud misconfiguration and ensure continuous compliance with enterprise security policies.