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Curiosity is the root of both creativity and innovation. We examine problems from first principles, consider a multi-disciplinary approach, and take inspiration from seemingly unlikely places. For example, it is no coincidence that many technological advances, from machine learning to materials science, have been inspired by nature. Making new and better products requires non-dogmatic thinking and intuition. Often, we are stuck in bad thinking by not questioning the status quo. This means we both question things deeply ourselves, and respect curiosity in others. Whenever we encounter a new situation, a new challenge, or a new potential customer, we first ask questions to get to the fullest understanding of what is before us.



Consideration is working with others in a respectful and honest way. It is trying to meet others where they are in order to effectively communicate with them. There is no one style of interaction that works with all people, so we try to understand the individual we are working with. Honesty is being truthful and transparent, not an excuse for expressing aggression or anger. Consideration is also being on time for meetings, not working on email while in a discussion, and generally acting with respect toward our colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners. To put it succinctly, consideration is treating each other the way we wish to be treated ourselves.



The only reason any company exists is to deliver value to customers. This means that any value we earn is a side effect of the value we offer. This must be the center of all decisions at Fugue. When making any business or technical decision, the first question we need to ask and answer is "how will this add value for our customers." If the answer is that it won't, we won't do it. This needs to be true in all parts of the organization, and in all the decisions we make.



Collaboration is respectfully working with others to bring their capabilities to bear. It means actually listening when others are talking, and listening to understand, not to respond. It means bringing the appropriate team together to tackle problems, rather than trying to be a hero attempting to resolve a problem single-handedly. Instead of relying on hierarchies and cascading decisions, collaboration is how we come together to solve problems for our customers, and in our own business.



Commitment is following through on what you say you will do, and seeing something through to successful completion. Commitment is enthusiastically pursuing a shared team goal, even if it’s one that you weren’t initially in full agreement with (“disagree but commit”). Our commitment to a goal is tempered only by our commitment to honest assessment of results: if a goal is not creating the desired result, we replan and then recommit to the new goal. And at Fugue, commitment is also the fierce commitment we all have to making Fugue successful, which will only come about by making our customers extremely successful.

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