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We're big fans of immutable infrastructure at Luminal (the company behind Fugue), and we're not shy about it!

Immutable infrastructure brings a variety of benefits, including:


  • simplifying operations,
  • increasing system reliability, and
  • continuous deployment with fewer failures.


To that end, we're excited to collaborate with O'Reilly to publish "An Introduction to Immutable Infrastructure: Why you should stop managing infrastructure and start really programming it." In this article, Josh Stella, Founder and CEO of Luminal, urges us to give up on artisanal infrastructure, which increases operational complexity and causes many system failures.

"Historically, we've thought of machine uptime and maintenance as desirable because we associate the health of the overall service or application with them. In the data center, hardware is expensive and we need to carefully craft and maintain each individual server to preserve our investments over time. In the cloud, this is an anachronistic perspective and one we should give up on in order to create more resilient, simpler, and ultimately more secure services and applications."


Head on over to O'Reilly Radar to read the full article.


And stay tuned to our blog and @FugueHQ on Twitter for more on immutable infrastructure, automation, and Fugue, the operating system for the cloud.


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