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Fugue to exhibit at AWS Public Sector Summit, Fugue CEO Josh Stella to speak on cloud-native DevOps and Immutable Infrastructure


Washington, DC – June 20, 2016 – Fugue Inc., a venture-backed software startup developing a system for continuously and automatically building, optimizing, and enforcing cloud infrastructure, has announced that it will be exhibiting and speaking at the AWS Public Sector Summit in Washington, D.C., on June 20-21, 2016.


Summit attendees can see a demonstration of Fugue's cloud operating system by visiting company representatives at booth # 1008. Fugue co-founder and CEO Josh Stella will be speaking on modern DevOps approaches for designing, deploying, and operating cloud infrastructure.


“We are in the waning days of the first phase of cloud computing,” said Stella. “People have been thinking about the cloud as a remote data center and using it as such. But we are entering the second phase of cloud—a ‘cloud-native phase’—in which we will shed the anachronistic baggage of the data center. Immutable infrastructure, microservices, and serverless computing—these are some examples of the cloud-native approaches that will be our way forward.”


Stella continued, “Fugue is a cloud-native system for operating the cloud as a global computer, bringing unprecedented levels of control, agility, and efficiency for IT operations. We are looking forward to sharing what we are doing at the AWS Public Sector Summit.”


Along with Alex Corley, Senior Solutions Architect, SLED, AWS, Stella will be presenting a session, titled “Cloud-Native DevOps: Simplifying application lifecycle management with AWS,” on June 21 at 2 p.m. This discussion will explore the idea that, while the cloud has liberated us from the burdens and constraints of physical IT infrastructure, it has also introduced new challenges as applications become distributed and infrastructure proliferates. Session attendees will learn how to identify which workloads are good candidates for immutable infrastructure and how to design for immutable infrastructure operations.


“Fugue is on the eve of launching our highly anticipated cloud operating system on AWS,” explained Stella. “We are currently working closely with a number of enterprise design partners to ensure that Fugue meets a wide variety of cloud use cases. Systems like the Fugue cloud operating system can help customers realize the promise of the cloud.”


Fugue also will be exhibiting at the AWS Summit in Santa Clara on July 12-13 and at the AWS Summit in New York City on August 10-11.


About Fugue


Fugue is a privately held software startup headquartered in Frederick, MD, with investments by New Enterprise Associates, Core Capital Partners, and the Maryland Venture Fund. Fugue is developing a next generation cloud operating system that delivers a single source of truth and trust to unlock the value of the cloud by enabling enterprise teams to design their infrastructure once and automate cloud operations and enforcement with unprecedented efficiency, agility, and control. Fugue can be used to operate cloud-native workloads and to migrate and run traditional data center applications in the cloud. Fugue will be available to operate workloads on Amazon Web Services in the Summer of 2016. To learn more about the company and request early product access, visit


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