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We’re excited to announce the Cloud Security Masterclass program to help increase awareness of advanced cloud misconfiguration risks and how malicious actors exploit them. We held the first free live Cloud Security Masterclass last month—a deep dive session into the complex layers of Amazon S3 security, which has been at the center of a number of recent high profile data breaches. 


The number one cause of cloud data breaches is infrastructure misconfiguration, whether due to human error or a lack of effective controls. Since engineers build and operate their cloud infrastructure, our Cloud Security Masterclass program is designed to help cloud engineers better understand cloud misconfiguration, why it occurs, and how malicious actors exploit it. You’ll learn how to think more critically about the security of your unique use cases so you can identify and eliminate cloud misconfiguration vulnerabilities.


“We analyze the cloud misconfiguration breaches that are making headlines, and we’re seeing a trend toward highly sophisticated attacks that leverage multiple cloud misconfigurations, rather than the simple misconfiguration mistakes in years past,” said Even the most advanced cloud customers operating in highly regulated industries are falling victim to cloud misconfiguration breaches, which highlights the need to increase awareness and understanding of the problem among the engineers building and maintaining cloud infrastructure.”

- Josh Stella, co-founder and CTO of Fugue, and host of the Cloud Security Masterclass series.



Each Cloud Security Masterclass is conducted live via video and features interactive chat and Q&A with attendees throughout the session. Sessions focus on deep technical explorations into the security of specific cloud resources and the complex interplay with other resources in a cloud environment. Sessions will walk through the ways cloud teams can build a false sense of security, and dangerous cloud misconfigurations that are not flagged as violations by industry compliance standards such as SOC 2, HIPAA, PCI, and NIST 800-53. 


Scheduled and On-Demand Cloud Security Masterclass Sessions



The Cloud Security Masterclass program is free of charge and geared toward cloud engineers and application developers that design, build, and modify their own cloud infrastructure. Others who can benefit from these sessions include cloud and IT management, DevOps and DevSecOps engineers, cloud architects, cloud security engineers, and cloud compliance analysts. 

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