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    5 Things Executives Need to Know About Cloud Security

    Phillip Merrick

    For twelve years I’ve held executive management positions at companies making significant use of the cloud. Now I have the privilege of helping lead Fugue, a leading provider of cloud security and compliance solutions. Along the way I’ve found that senior executives—both at technology companies and outside the tech industry—sometimes struggle to understand the security implications of moving to the cloud. It’s common for executives to simply make blanket declarations that the cloud will never be secure enough for them (untrue), or alternatively to hold the belief that the cloud service providers like Amazon, Microsoft and Google take care of all the security issues for you (also untrue).

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    Why I Joined Fugue

    Phillip Merrick

    I’ve now been in the role of CEO here at Fugue for a number of weeks, and thought it might be worthwhile to lay out my reasons for joining this fantastic company. First off, I’d like to say a big “thank you” to the wonderful staff and customers of Fugue who have given me a very warm and enthusiastic welcome. Not only that, they have graciously and patiently entertained my many, many questions. I’ve spent the past 10 or more years helping lead innovative and fast-growing cloud and SaaS companies such as VisualCV (an early AWS customer) and SparkPost. Before that—at webMethods—I helped leading companies like Dell and Bank of America utilize our pioneering web services software in early cloud applications. One of the common concerns we had at all these companies was ensuring that the...

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