August 8th, 2018

10 minute read

Two years ago, I wrote a blog post that got some notice, which surprised me. It was a piece about going back to Emacs as my primary content creation tool, first as a CEO, and now as a CTO. A brief recap is that I spent most of my career as a programmer and a software architect, and preferred Emacs as my code editor for much of that time..
March 28th, 2016

5 minute read

Slack is amazing. We, here at Fugue , are an engineering-centric organization distributed across three offices with several developers located in one-off locations around the world. Having a real-time, easily accessible hub for communication has helped us stay gelled as a community. It’s a technical resource, a sounding board, and a water cooler.
December 24th, 2015

6 minute read

We were feeling a little wistful, so we asked our team:


What was your favorite technology you received as a holiday gift when you were a kid?


Here are their answers, in alphabetical order:



"When I was in third grade, my mother brought home a copy of Macromedia (now Adobe) Flash. I was totally dazzled with how easily I could create.

November 24th, 2015

6 minute read

For this Thanksgiving, we asked our team one simple question...


What software are you most thankful for?


Here are their answers, in alphabetical order so we don't play favorites in the ongoing Emacs vs. Vim battle:



"I'm thankful for netcat. It's the Swiss Army knife of networking. It's never something that I think to install or use.

November 10th, 2015

23 minute read

Years—no, decades—ago, I lived in Emacs. I wrote code and documents, managed email and calendar, and shelled all in the editor/OS. I was quite happy. Years went by and I moved to newer, shinier things. As a result, I forgot how to do tasks as basic as efficiently navigating files without a mouse. About three months ago, noticing just how much of.
October 14th, 2015

8 minute read

We knew this day would come and we :heart: it. Amazon now supports Python in Lambda .


When we're not building Fugue, frequenting our favorite place for burgers and wings (Rex's Downtown Grill FTW!), or finalizing our plans to colonize Mars, we write Slack bots.


We have a few Slack bots sitting on EC2 instances managed by Fugue but nothing.

November 2nd, 2014

2 minute read

Our product, now in beta release , is called Fugue. It's a distinctive word. And, unless you're a musician, it's probably not a part of your standard vocabulary. This video blog is solely about that word—fugue—and its primary meaning in music.


Metaphors are some of the most powerful tools we have in language for illustrating what's in our.

October 11th, 2014

4 minute read


We should have some ways of coupling programs like garden hose - screw in another segment when it becomes necessary to massage data in another way. Doug McIlroy, Bell Labs – October 11, 1964

At Luminal, we're unabashed fans of Unix and the Unix Philosophy. Last year, we marked the 49th anniversary of the Unix pipe (|) and we'd be remiss not.

March 9th, 2014

6 minute read

March 8 was International Women's Day . Some celebrated. Some scoffed. Some lives are so tough that calendars mean little. In the U.S., a Presidential Proclamation highlights the entire month of March; it's an eloquent document with compelling reminders of sacrifices made, achievements earned, brutalities endured, present and past, by women. The.
January 21st, 2014

3 minute read


Startups don't care about security.


We hear this a lot. It may be a descendant of "developers don't care about security… that's InfoSec's concern," a situation where at least someone in the organization was paying attention to security. In the developer-dominated world of tech startups, such a statement would be nonsensical. If a startup.

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