Happy Thanksgiving from the Fugue Team

For this Thanksgiving, we asked our team one simple question...


What software are you most thankful for?


Here are their answers, in alphabetical order so we don't play favorites in the ongoing Emacs vs. Vim battle:



"I'm thankful for netcat. It's the Swiss Army knife of networking. It's never something that I think to install or use ahead of time, but when you need it, it's great to have."



"npm makes setting up your node environment a cinch on any machine. It outputs exactly the correct amount of logs to make you feel like you're doing something complex and impressive without looking absurd."



"Spotify's Discover Weekly feature is so accurate to my bizarre taste in music that it's uncanny. I'm sure there's actually a team of teeny-tiny DJs inside my computer, selecting 30 kickin' rad tracks every Monday just for me."



"Emacs. Archaic, ugly, and wonderful. Endlessly customizable and extensible, the only limit to its capability sits behind the keyboard."



"I'm thankful for the suite of software products and services that exist and we use, because they allow us to coordinate, collaborate, and operate as a team. Working as a distributed organization today is a lot easier than years ago."



"PyCharm. Say what you will about IDEs, but PyCharm is lightweight enough to never get in the way, and it makes all the little sub-tasks that real Python work entails easier to orchestrate and execute without error."



"Splice makes making music collaboratively with a geographically dispersed group of musicians easy and enjoyable. Instead of sending tracks to each other, where someone has to put it all back together, all our sessions sync up automatically, allowing us to be far more productive."



"I'm thankful for PyCharm and its superb debugger UX, which have so far allowed me to avoid becoming one of the Emacs pod people."



"My short-term memory is only slightly better than the dude from 'Memento.' Using Trello to manage and track personal projects and tasks is a lifesaver."



(is for Erin, but only her mom calls her that)

"I love Slack! It is the perfect collaboration tool for introverts. I'm also digging on CodeCombat for learning Python. It appeals to the RPG geek in me."



"Sketch. It's transformed the way I do design—it's like the best of Photoshop and Illustrator in one tool."



"Evernote is my second brain that lives in the cloud. I use it for everything—storing notes, clipping articles, and saving ideas."



"Emacs feels like home no matter what I find myself working on—or where."



"Capshare is a great way to track equity ownership in the company and makes cap table management a breeze."



"I will be thankful for a good HR system that will save us from doing a lot of work on paper and in Excel. I'm pretty sure that HR is a euphemism for lumberjack when it comes to the amount of paper we can go through!"



"I'd have to go with Photoshop. The occasional pretty good photo can be made amazing and make me look like a much better photographer than I actually am. Yay for ego-boosting software!"



"I am thankful for the lack of PowerPoint. Not having to use PowerPoint is a joy and blessing in my every working day. I am also thankful that Salesforce.com finally came out of the dark ages of screen and interaction design."



"Vim. Partly because it's an efficient tool for manipulating text, but mainly because knowing that it's superior to Josh and Alex's preferred editor puts that little extra spring in my step."



"I feel like GHC is the best tool to protect myself (and the world) from my often very stupid mistakes. It's like a spellchecker on steroids. Oh, and it also spits out fast executables, of course."



"I'm thankful for vim because it's on all the nodes I SSH into."



"Emacs for lots of reasons I've already detailed. Also, UNIX because it is a constant source of happiness and inspiration to me."



"I am thankful for Git. It allows me to try almost anything with my projects and to do so in a way that I won't lose a thing. It's also fun to talk about Git at the Thanksgiving table. My family doesn't know what I'm talking about and think I have a crush on someone with a weird name."



"I am thankful for

  • how creative I can be within Adobe;
  • Slack, because the team posts so many funny things that make me laugh; and
  • LastPass, because without it I would forget all my passwords."



"Blue Jeans lets me easily collaborate with my team even though we are hundreds of miles apart. Added bonus: seeing which animal hat Andrew is wearing that day. (Today was the lion hat.)"



"For me, it's Vim. It's the most efficient way of turning the thoughts in my head into plain text."



"Search engines: because we aren't born with all the answers."



"Sublime Text has been my faithful development companion for years. It easily integrates into all of my workflows and has a wealth of useful community-created plugins."



"PyCharm charms Python for me cuz I got no game."



"SSH allows me to do whatever I want on the network, regardless of what The Man wants to let me do."



"WiFi Explorer on the Mac helps me track down the source of Wi-Fi headaches in the office and keeps my customers from tarring and feathering me."



"On feast days, I sacrifice at the Premiere Pro altar. Despite all the bits of functionality to learn, you can fire up creativity and make visual stories that motivate action, sometimes decency."



"OmniGraffle makes up for my complete lack of artistic skill and allows me to convincingly pretend to be a polished visual communicator."



"Firefox ushered in so many great features in web browsing that most of us can't remember living without."



"f.lux saves my eyes one night at a time."


Happy Thanksgiving, friends!


From the team at Fugue, we wish you and yours a delicious feast, a surprising lack of political arguments at the table, a winning game for the football team of your choice, and a sweet, sweet food coma nap followed by more pie.



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