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Prove Cloud Compliance

Demonstrate cloud compliance to management and auditors with dashboards, reports, and visualizations. 

Fugue supports CIS Foundations Benchmarks for AWS and Azure, SOC 2, PCI, NIST 800-53, GDPR, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and Fugue Best Practices to protect against advanced misconfiguration risk. Fugue also supports your custom enterprise security policies.

  • Unified compliance dashboard
  • Compliance reports and notifications
  • API for automating compliance

Change How You View Cloud Security

Visualize your cloud with dynamic infrastructure diagrams that map resources, reveal misconfiguration risks, and establish a shared understanding of your environment. 

  • Discover what’s in your cloud
  • Reveal misconfiguration risks
  • Establish a shared understanding on cloud compliance
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Detect and Eliminate Cloud Misconfiguration

Know immediately when configuration drift occurs, establish baselines and safely auto-remediate drift for security-critical resources, and track all configuration changes made to your cloud environment.

  • Comprehensive drift detection
  • Configuration baselines
  • Context-aware guardrails

Policy-as-Code with the Open Policy Agent Open Standard

Express your enterprise cloud security policies as policy-as-code and apply them at every stage of cloud development. 

  • Open Policy Agent
  • Enterprise policy and custom rules
  • Pre-deployment checks for infrastructure as code

Build Cloud Security Into the Ways You Work

Fugue’s REST API and notifications enable programmatic Fugue operations and integration with your software development process, CI/CD pipelines, ticketing systems, and other reporting tools.

  • Cloud infrastructure validation with CI/CD
  • Programmatic access with the Fugue API
  • Cloud security notifications for your tools

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Prevent cloud misconfigurations and ensure continuous compliance with enterprise security policies.