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Enforce Continuous Compliance for Cloud Infrastructure

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A SaaS Solution That Enforces Continuous Compliance

Fugue Risk Manager offers DevOps, infrastructure and security teams comprehensive visibility into their cloud infrastructure to identify compliance and security violations and ensure that they never happen again.

Scan your cloud environment to detect policy violations and infrastructure that drifts from your established baseline.

detect driftEnforce 
Use self-healing infrastructure for critical cloud resources to alert on drift events and optionally remediate back to the established baseline.

automated remediationReport 
Easily demonstrate compliance using powerful visualization and reporting tools for CIS Benchmarks, HIPAA, GDPR, NIST 800-53, and                           PCI.

Watch how Risk Manager enforces continual compliance in your infrastructure

Risk Manager Delivers Assurance of Compliance

  • Scan Your Cloud Environments

    Scans your cloud environment and identifies compliance violations within minutes.

  • Establish a Known-Good Baseline

    Establishes a baseline of your cloud environment once it has reached a compliant state.

  • Enforce Continuous Compliance

    Detects unauthorized infrastructure changes and reverts them back to the known baseline for compliance.

  • Integrates with CI/CD Pipelines

    Ensures compliance throughout the entire development lifecycle.
I’m seeing a lot of cloud configuration errors in the real world —and it’s scaring the hell out of me.

David Linthicum Chief Cloud Strategy Officer, Deloitte Consulting


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