Cloud Security for Azure

Ensure Your Azure Infrastructure Stays in Continuous Compliance

  • Gain Visibility

    Visualize Azure compliance with Fugue's powerful diagramming and reporting tools 
  • Eliminate Misconfiguration

    Enable comprehensive drift detection and context-aware guardrails for critical resources
  • Integrate Security

    Build Azure security and compliance into the software development lifecycle with Fugue's API and IaC checks

Security and Compliance are Shared Responsibilities

Security in the cloud is not the responsibility of any one player, but a shared responsibility between the customer and the cloud service provider (CSP). In this case, the CSP is Microsoft Azure. 

In this model, the CSP is responsible for "Security of the Cloud" or protection of the infrastructure that runs all of the services offered in their cloud. The customer is responsible for "Security in the Cloud" or any data, applications, operating systems, and network or firewall configurations that run on the CSP's infrastructure.

Shared Responsibility Model

Share Responsibility Model v2

Gain Visibility into Azure Security

Visualize your Azure security posture with powerful diagramming tools to zoom into details on resource configurations and relationships and identify misconfigurations and compliance violations. 

Fugue continuously evaluates Azure resources with predefined rules mapped to CIS Azure Foundations Benchmark, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, PCI, and SOC 2. For example, if an Azure storage account is misconfigured to allow requests from insecure connections, Fugue identifies the noncompliant account in visual diagrams, dashboards, and reports that are accessible at all times. 

Continuous Compliance


Eliminate Azure Misconfiguration

Fugue builds a dynamic model of your Azure environment as a baseline and identifies configuration drift that occurs between deployments.

For critical resources, Fugue enables context-aware guardrails to auto-remediate unwanted drift back to a baseline without manual remediation or automation scripts. For instance, if an Azure Virtual Network is altered to allow SSH access from the internet, Fugue returns the security rules to the known-good baseline state. 


Integrate Azure Security into Software Development

Build Azure security and compliance into software development from design to production.

Fugue's API enables integrating snapshots, reporting, and auto-remediation into CI/CD pipelines, in addition to building workflows and exporting events and data into other third-party tools. Regula, an open source tool maintained by Fugue, validates Terraform for policy compliance pre-deployment.

Integrate Azure Security into Software Development

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