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G2, the world's largest independent software marketplace, released its Winter 2022 report on the cloud security market. Fugue leads in all six customer satisfaction categories among cloud security buyers and users. 


At Fugue, we believe that an enterprise security SaaS product should be as easy, intuitive, and fun to use as consumer SaaS products. Customer obsession is a core company value, most evident in the user experience of our product and the personalized attention we give to each customer. It is not uncommon for us to jump on an onboarding call with a new customer, only to hear that they are already up and running and getting real value from Fugue. And hearing that Fugue is “fun to use” never gets old.


The Cloud Security Leader According to G2

Among its 17 closest competitors evaluated by G2, Fugue leads in eight of nine categories and is the only company to earn a perfect net promoter score of 100. 


A sampling of Fugue user reviews on include the following: 


  • “Their experience has led to an industry-best product for ensuring that your cloud environment is secure and stays that way. Compliance and drift monitoring are critical for anyone running production workloads in the cloud, and Fugue is the absolute best solution to provide those.”
  • “Immediate value: As soon as you turn it on Fugue will help you secure your environments and save money. You will learn about resources that you likely are unaware of.”
  • “Fugue has simplified the process of maintaining and demonstrating compliance for our cloud environment, a task that now requires fewer resources and a fraction of the time.”
  • “We have seen a benefit of much faster ability to perform comprehensive audits of our deployed resources.”
  • “Everything, starting from the sales to the support and a product that works exactly what was promised.”


View the G2 Winter 2022 Report for Cloud Security

View the full list of Fugue’s reviews on G2.


A Visionary Cloud Security SaaS Product

2021 was the year Fugue became the only cloud security product that unifies infrastructure as code and cloud runtime security under a single policy as code engine (built on Open Policy Agent, the open standard for policy as code). Fugue is now also the only product with advanced organization management capabilities that address the needs of enterprises with multiple business units operating under different cloud security and compliance requirements. 


Advanced capabilities like these combined with a world-class Customer Success program, and Fugue customers realize a time-to-value measured in minutes. Fugue customers are unlocking the full potential of developers to build secure cloud environments fast and security teams to cut through the noise and prevent cloud breaches. Cloud teams are stretched beyond capacity, and Fugue is a force multiplier helping them deliver and maintain secure cloud environments using what previously took twice as many resources.

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