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Since AWS re:Invent 2018, Fugue has supported two different products: the self-hosted Fugue Platform and the newer Software as a Service (SaaS) Fugue Risk Manager product. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we have merged capabilities from the two products into a single, unified SaaS solution for autonomous cloud infrastructure security and compliance. Our product is now simply called Fugue.


Why did we combine both Fugue products? Let’s get the obvious out of the way up front: Supporting one product is easier than two. And while each addressed some different use cases, there was a good bit of overlap.


Our Customers Drove Our Decision

The real driver in this effort, however, was our awesome customers. Our Platform customers have been able to shift left on cloud infrastructure security and compliance to help them move fast and safely. But they told us they wanted Fugue to be easier to adopt and use at scale. Our Risk Manager customers wanted the ability to easily shift their cloud security and compliance left. So combining the two products made sense.


Infrastructure Baselining Remains a Core, Unique Feature of Fugue

All Fugue customers will continue to get the benefits of infrastructure baselining, which has been a core capability delivered by both products. Infrastructure baselines are a complete picture of a running cloud environment and all configurations, which helps teams to establish a shared source of truth and trust for cloud security and compliance. Fugue can detect and report on drift from the baseline and make critical cloud resources self-healing by automatically remediating drift back to the established baseline—without requiring any coding, bots, scripts, or functions.




Risk Manager Customers Can Now Shift Left on Cloud Security & Compliance

With Fugue, our Risk Manager customers now have access to the Fugue API, so they can easily integrate automated infrastructure compliance and security checks into their CI/CD pipelines. This helps them identify issues earlier in the software development life cycle (SDLC) and get useful feedback to help fix them so they can deliver innovation faster and avoid costly fixes that are incurred when issues are identified later in the SDLC.




Risk Manager Customers Get Fugue’s Resource Visualization Tools

Risk Manager customers will notice the product now includes Fugue’s resource visualization tool, which provides auto-generated dynamic diagrams of cloud resources, configurations, and relationships, and helps teams understand and track change over time. Like most enterprise cloud teams, our customers were spending a lot of time manually creating diagrams of their infrastructure environments (which can be error-prone and quickly outdated). Because Fugue can discover and survey an entire cloud environment, it can auto-generate accurate and detailed diagrams of these environments and save them over time.


Fugue Visualization Image


Platform Customers Get Compliance Reporting & Faster Time to Value

Fugue Platform customers now have the enhanced interface, compliance reporting capabilities, and faster time to value of Fugue’s Risk Manager SaaS product. Within minutes, customers can extend Fugue to new cloud environments, scan for compliance violations, set up daily compliance reports, establish baselines, and begin detecting and remediating cloud infrastructure misconfiguration to prevent related data breaches and compliance violations.




Getting Started with the Combined Fugue Product

Existing Risk Manager customers don’t need to do anything—you can continue to use Fugue as you have been, but you now have access to the Fugue API and visualization tools. Fugue will continue to be available to certain Fugue Platform customers to install and run in their own secure and managed environments, just as they do currently with Fugue Platform.

If you’re new to Fugue and want to learn more, contact us to set up a free compliance audit of your cloud environment and learn how you can use Fugue to keep your cloud infrastructure secure and compliant.  


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